Fashion’s Longstanding Alliance – The Wild Side Collection! #TrendAlert

If you are fair and sweet, don’t wear it 

The word ‘wild’ surely evokes many thoughts and possibilities in our minds. For many decades, the phrase “to be wild” has meant uncontrollable, free-spirited, and independent, and the mood for this season is to party in expressive ways while remaining fashionable, and the trend is to stand out from the crowd by being extravagant, classy, and making a bold statement. It gets all exciting with daring outfits, sensational jewellery and creating that wild look, all while being audacious and loud. 

The Wild Side Collection  

In the wake of feminism, when women are no longer bound to just traditional norms, it is only fair that our accessories speak our stories aloud. At Melorra, this season, we have curated the accessories with the concept ‘Don’t wake the Tigress up’ which makes a statement about a bold, sensational, and unapologetic woman.  

If you love the spotlight here and now and do not mind some raised eyebrows, you are the life of a party and they say you have a show-stopping effect, The Wild Side Collection is just for YOU! 

Celebs Flaunting Their Wild Side!

Celebrity queens Rihanna, Megan the Stallion and global star Priyanka Chopra; B Town’s Tara Sutaria, Nora Fatehi, Jacqueline Fernandez and other stars rocked the trend. Some went all out and experimented with different coloured prints and stripes, while others created a bold, classy look by sporting minimalistic prints.

Whether it is an overcoat with tiger stripes or a pantsuit with zebra print all over, animal stripes create a statement look when imprinted on clothes. So why not notch it up and bring the game to jewellery as well? Our high-polished, lightweight jewellery is perfect to explore the fearless and sensational side of accessories to pair up with the new bold, vivid vibe.

Take a look at our collection and select a piece to complement your next party look:  

  1. Pair this Wild Siberian Soul Gold Bracelet with your favourite black dress and turn heads at any party.
  1. The Touch Of Wildness Ring can go well with a basic white top and jeans or any pant suit. On days when you want to party with comfort, this piece is perfect to adorn.
  1. When you want to stand out from the crowd, these Tales From A Jungle Earrings are a perfect choice. Create a sleek look by pairing them up with a short skirt and backless blouse.
  1. The Wild Safari Gold Necklace will go very well as a statement piece. Add it with similar print heels.
  1. The Strength Manifold Pendant will greatly complement a V-shaped or deep-cut top, better when it has wild elements on it. 
  1. The Wild and Free Bangle will accentuate a high slit mid-length or long dress.
So, get ready to party hard this summer! 

Animal prints have been in trend throughout the history of fashion and the Spring-Summer 2022 runways and fashion weeks have witnessed the dominance of tiger-stripes print in their exhibition. From Dolce & Gabbana, Ports 1961, Roberto Cavalli, Brandon Maxwell, and Phillip Plein, to brands like H & M, displayed looks with animal prints all over and experiment with various colours. Not only did they use animal stripes or prints, but the elements of animals were showcased as a whole in their designs – which was a fresh approach to this trend.

Pick any of these jewellery pieces from the Wild Side Collection and accentuate your looks with body-con dresses, co-ords, and add a dash of shimmer to the already bold prints. 

We love it when you sparkle while wearing something that speaks to a part of you! 

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