5 Stylish Gold Earrings Sported By Celebrities

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life 

——–Bill Cunningham

Life is a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs, days and nights, smiles and tears. It ain’t all rainbows and sunshine

So, we built ourselves fortresses that guard our treasure. The treasure trove of emotions, thoughts and dreams that we wish are never tarnished or encroached upon.

Nevertheless, some days can feel like a battle. We may find ourselves looking for a little power-up to push forwards. A nudge to leave behind yesterday, wash away the past, the let downs or the failures. Maybe even a distraction from the pressure around us.

What better way to do that, than to indulge in some instant gratification or should we fashion gratification?!

Yes! Pull out the big guns and armour up with the trendiest look this season. Level with the most adored styles on the runways, embraced by celebrities, and approved by the OTT fashion fam. 

Melorra is here to add a crown jewel to your armour with jewellery that is inspired by global fashion trends. 

Check out the latest styles of jewellery worn by celebrities all over the globe right here with us. We stay up and close with the latest trends.

We present to you some of the most widely sported gold earrings by celebrities and their doppelgangers available at Melorra

Why should only the “stars” shine?!  Go on and grab your pick of the season!

Celebrity Style Corner

Fashion comes in cycles, we often see refurbished retro styles that pop up now and again. Recently we have witnessed the resurgence of the ’60s and 80’s fashion and the 2000s with the Y2K trends. Often celebrities and fashion influencers are first in line to explore and experience the change in the winds. 

So, we have done the work for you and have fetched the 5 most stylish gold earrings worn by celebrities around the globe.

  • Gold Huggies

Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner reminiscing the less is more trend as they flaunt gold Huggies earrings. Hands down the one staple item that you need in your list of accessories. Dress up your denim or dress down a statement out with them. Easy to wear, comfortable and stylish.

Helix Streak Gold Hoop Earring —–The Helix Streak Gold Hoop earrings have a curving oval motif with two parallel rectangular patterns over it. These are ideal to pair with work wear. They are versatile and blend easily with formals and casuals. From pantsuits to A-line kurtas!

  • Gold Hoop Earrings

With the 60s and 80’s fashion trending, we are more than happy to welcome gold hoops to our list of must-haves. Hoops of different sizes and shapes, from oversized hoops, J-hoops and chunky hoops are the talk of the town. You can’t miss this one, pick one that suits your style.

Chunky hoops were spotted on Dua lipa while Ananya Pandey was snapped wearing a weave pattern gold hoop.

Cozy Weaves Gold Earrings

70’s Euphoria Gold Hoop Earring

The Bollywood star kids Jhanvi Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in plain/patterned hoops lounging and crunching.


Rhyme N Ruffle Gold Earring

Graceful Folds Gold Earring

Larger-than-life Gold Hoops seem to be the favourite pick of Dua Lipa, Priyanka Chopra, Ananya Panday the celeb list goes on. 

Oversized hoops are all the rage now, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from the Gen-Z to the millennial fashion icons. A great way to add some pizazz to any casual wear is denim, co-ords or dresses.

Twin Spin Gold Earrings —–The Twin Spin Gold Earring is a Yellow gold high polish gold hoop that has a twisted rope pattern around the loop with a lock on top from the Classic collection. This is one celebrity style that is as versatile as denim. Stylish, elegant and simple, a fuss-free addition to your daily accessories.

  • Ear Cuffs

These snug-fit earrings have been sported by Kylie Jenner on multiple occasions. Ear cuffs are an easy hack to add some glamour to your outfits. A small piece of jewellery that creates a lasting impression.

Cover Me Up Gold Earrings This is a high polish yellow gold stud with six round curved motifs with five of them having hinge locks to clap around the ear.  Pair them with black ensembles, denim or fun frilly dresses.

  • Geometric Danglers

Sculptural silhouettes inspired by geometric shapes are another trend that has poured into the jewellery category. The clean lines create sleek and graceful designs.

Lopsided Droops Gold Earring-Lopsided Droops Gold Earring is a Yellow gold high polish miss-match shoulder duster that has a small triangle motif attached to a dangling inverted triangle cut-out in one and a large triangle motif attached to a smaller dangling triangle in the other. Wear them with your jumpsuits, co-ords and dresses.

  • Link Earrings

Chain link jewellery has percolated the fashion world to the maximum. From runways to the street style we have seen chunky chain link chains and bracelets almost ubiquitously. Earrings inspired by this style of jewellery have also taken much precedence in recent times.

Tones of Rock Gold Earring —-Tones of Rock Gold Earring are yellow gold high polish danglers that have multiple dangling geometric cut-outs linked together.  These are inspired by the chain link-inspired danglers from the rustic rebel collection. These work great for evening outings, dinners and date nights. Pair them with your LBD for a chic look!

Check out our collections now for trendy gold earrings inspired by global fashion, and sported by celebrities all over the world. If you are in search of jewellery worn by your favourite celeb, then Melorra is the place for you.

We bring the trends right off the runways to you, so you can keep your Sparkle ON at all times!

What will you wear everyday at work? Read to find out!

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