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5 Diamond Rings to Style With Your Workwear!

Life keeps throwing stones at me and I keep finding the diamonds ——–Ana Claudia Auntunes The wave of westernization and binge-worthy Hollywood Rom Coms would have us convinced that a diamond ring is synonymous with an engagement ring.  Nevertheless, times have changed and we are happy to welcome the winds of change. Gone are the days when that sparkly diamond on your finger was a promise from your betrothed! An Everlasting Diamond Ring! Diamond rings serve more than the purpose of a promise. It is an everyday accessory that elevates your look, with just a touch of elegance.  It can be a token of self-love as we hustle, and fight for our dreams. They can double up as your sidekick while you nail that presentation, or be a patient friend that helps get through exhausting work calls/meetings. It can act as your pick-me-up for those drawn-out workdays.  At Melorra, we…

Top 10 Engagement Rings to Flaunt Season After Season

“Will you marry me?” Has it come to the most romantic question yet? Are you planning on promises, commitment and everlasting love?   We have always had a fascination for this time of life, of love and promises. From checking out the beautiful rings on the celebrities to some of the unique rings of all time stayed in our hearts, like Lady Diana’s impressive selection of the sapphire ring. On television, Mr Big’s selection of Carrie’s black diamond ring in Sex and the City – when he adds “because you are not like anyone else”, we emotionally gasp at the AWWs have brought much admiration and wishful thinking. We have all had these moments, but what about the time when love finds us?  Some like the celebrations grand while the world’s watching- Splendid gestures of love and we say, why not?   When you are happy, you want the world to know! …

10 Solitaires for your Proposal! #MakeItAMilestone

When you’ve found The One, get ready to make it a milestone! From the weather to the balloons, your proposal has to be perfect…and we have the one thing you need – Solitaires! As the saying goes… Love makes the world go around. And so it does! When you’re all set to start a new journey and begin a new life with your better half, the occasion calls for some unique additions. We know we know, it’s essential to say the right thing and plan the perfect way to pop the question..but with that, you need the right ring for her too! Whether she loves all things minimal or one in a million kind, she stands out and her ring should also, shouldn’t it? So for this very reason, we’re here to help! From the room setting, the music to her favourite place, plan your proposal to the T, and…