5 Trending Gold Round Bangle Designs in 2022

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Did you know that bangles are claimed to be one of the oldest forms of jewellery in human history? They have been found among many ancient ruins of Mayans, Mauryans, Romans and various parts of the Indian subcontinent. 

While the ancient bangles were made from stone or clay, India has a long-drawn tradition of wearing gold bangles.  They are often considered auspicious and included in many rituals. 

Today gold bangles are a great piece of accessory that can boost your look. A quick way to up your style quotient. 

Melorra caters to all of your fashion needs with lightweight gold bangles that are perfect for everyday wear.

What’s Trending?

The “more is more” mantra is seen bustling on the runways this season. Designs that tend to intricate details, chunky bracelets and bangles, and sculpture-inspired jewellery are some prominent looks that were sported by celebrities fresh off the ramp.

Some noteworthy jewellery moments from the runways all around the globe were Louis Vuitton’s tubular collar necklace and arm cuffs, Loewe’s chunky yellow gold bangle, and Bottega Veneta’s sculptural cuff bracelet.

Cartier’s & Sacai’s collaboration to create mixed metal pieces is a reminder of yet another trend that has been gaining much momentum. Making its first appearance in Autumn/Winter 2021, bold looks with mixed metals; combining silver, gold and sometimes rose gold jewellery is going strong as every season passes.

Heavy stackable bangles by Balmain and Saint Laurent were a hint that oversized jewellery is here to stay! 

With a recall to the various era’s from the 1920s to the Y2K all at the same time, this year’s trends have something in store for everyone’s style.

We know you want a piece of the runway action too! Yes, we hear you, so look no further! Here’s a sneak peek of the five gold round bangle designs inspired by the latest trends in 2022! 

Let us help you carry on the rich tradition of wearing bangles with global trend-inspired jewellery perfect for daily use!

Vanilla Victories Gold Bangle

The Vanilla Victories Gold Bangle is a high polish yellow gold bangle with a basic rounded surface all around. The name may say vanilla, but it has nothing to do with that! This bangle brings with it a world of possibilities. They are apt for stacking with bracelets or other bangles. Sport a couple along with your watch for the ideal office look. Mix metals to stay up with the latest trend.

Sequin Saga Gold Bangle

The Sequin Saga Gold Bangle is a high polish yellow gold round bangle that has a cluster of sequin motifs at the centre. This is a piece from the Gold shimmer collection inspired by the glimmering glamour of the season. Take on the sparkle with this piece!  Make this bangle a part of your night out glam or add it to your brunch look!

Slide Statement Diamond Bangle

This Slide Statement Diamond Bangle is a yellow gold high polish hollow tube bangle with a herringbone-inspired pattern at the centre encrusted with surface prong set diamonds. The diamond motif has a rhodium finish. An elegant choice to pair with all your work wear options.  Don’t stop there though, don this delicate and versatile piece every step of the day, at work or in play!

The Maximalist Gold Bangle

The Maximalist Gold Bangle is a high polish yellow gold bangle inspired by the spring blossoms and the spell-bounding efflorescence all around us. The bangle has recurring entwined floral motifs placed opposing each other, reminiscent of the floral vines, a truly unique design from the Print Pop collection. Embrace the beauty in abundance with the maximalist gold bangle. Pair them with printed tops and dresses and go all out with the print-on-print trend!

Ruffles Rave Gold Bangle

Ruffles Rave Gold Bangle as the name would suggest is a ruffle-inspired high polish gold bangle from the millennial collection. It has a continuous ripple-like pattern that replicates the disorderly nature of the playful, frilly ruffles on your outfits. A mellow take on the sculptural jewellery trend. Pick this for a daring yet feminine look. Take the maximalist route, pair with your solid flared dresses, layered chain and gold hoop.

Don’t let your hands go bare, give them a fighting chance, and show them some love! Adorn yourself with the hottest styles from the runways around the globe.

Leave a lasting impression with Melorra’s trending gold bangles that are easy to wear and inspired by global fashion trends. 

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