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Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.

——–Marc Jacobs 

Comfort and elegance have engulfed us in the past two years, but we can surely sense them taking a back seat with the onset of new, experimental trends in 2022 and also with the comeback of the 90s grunge look in today’s fashion. The punk and expressive styles make it relevant to present times when people are all about being out, fearless and carrying a chilled vibe. With DIY coming into trend and “messy” becoming the new expressive style, people now show freedom in flaunting eccentric and bold pieces.  

A revolution of self-expression has started with extravagant, achromatic looks, including loose, ripped clothes with chains, denim jackets with studded accessories, or ripped jeans with plaid pieces. Melorra has created a range called The New Age Collection for your casual styles. 

The Grunge Movement 

Grunge aesthetic rose in the 1990s hard rock scene as an anti-consumerism youth movement. Now it has returned to the trend, dropping the philosophical elements but bearing all the aesthetic visuals it has to offer. The runways of 2022 are seen adopting this trend by designers and brands like Alexander McQueen, Mark Fast, Givenchy, Ports 1961, Zara, Farfetch and H & M. Celebrities like Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Halsey to B-Town’s Kareena Kapoor Khan, Malaika Arora have flaunted their new season grungy looks in a wacky style.

You can go fearless now too and create many looks with on-trend jewellery curated just for YOU! 

Brace those Wrists!

Pair the Punk It Up Gold Bracelets gold bracelet with your favourite combination of a shirt with an abstract print and ripped jeans for the extra effect.

See-through You!

Do you have a see-through top that you have been planning to wear for a long time? Then go for it and enhance your look with the Grunge Showdown Gold Earrings and reveal a mysterious side of you.Nostalgia Night!

If the 90s or Y2K nostalgia gets real for you, then pair up your knee-slit jeans with a plaid shirt and rim your eyes with kohl. Rock the night with our Teen Rebellion Gold Necklace!

For those Fingers!

Rings are the best ways to keep it minimal and yet express your style in a subtle and gorgeous way. Flaunt one or many of them like the Sweet 90s Diamond Ring with a chunky and edgy style. Open up and own up!

Pair up that bold cut-out dress you have been saving for a special occasion this summer with our Teen Spirit Gold Bangle and blow people’s minds in that casual meet-up.

Layers of Life!

Wear your ripped, messy shrug over a hand-woven short dress or layer your denim jacket with an oversized tee. The Wacky Grunge Gold Pendant will go with any look you create and experiment with. Be fearless and explore the many styles you want to try.

With people and youth making self-love and self-expression a trend, trends like grunge and 90s casual were bound to return. The New Age Collection is a vision to create a jewellery range for today’s daring and defiant ladies. Various concepts like “Grunge it up”, “Gypsy Soul”, “Wild Street”, “Teen Rebellion”, and “Guns N’ Roses” have been used to curate collections that will speak volumes of expression and make them a piece of statement jewellery. 

If you are the one to ditch the norms and not follow the crowd, then create your own style statement with expressively trendy and fashionable accessories without compromising on style or quality! 

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