5 Ways To Go From LBD To MBD #Styling

The LBD is a fashion staple in all our wardrobes. Spring Summer ’21 witnesses the transition of the LBD to the MBD. Check out this little guide that will help you style your Little Black Dress into the Modern Black Dress!

Everyone loves a versatile piece like the fashionably classic Little Black Dress. It’s a style that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your mood. With the onset of fashion’s new era favouring comfortable clothing, the Modern Black Dress or MBD carries the torch. A dress as versatile as the LBD, it’s an everyday ensemble for the perfect transition from work to play.

This trend is all over the runway, with even the stars pulling out their A-game wearing the MBD. And the best part about it is that you can too! No need to shell out; pick out an LBD from your very closet and style it out for this season’s cosy vibe! Here are a few ways how:

#1 It’s all about the shoes:

Carrie Bradshaw loved shoes, and we don’t see why not to. A good pair of shoes can jazz up any look, be it for a glam evening or a casual day out. Your boots will do the talking. This summer, team a short MBD with some sneakers, go sporty like Kylie Jenner, or take a hint from Coperni’s latest collection and get casual in comfy slippers.

You can turn your glam up like Gigi Hadid and Miley Cyrus with a pair of strappy heels on a cut-out outfit or a strappy number. A special mention to Kendall Jenner’s statement cowboy boots that added the perfect flair to her thigh-high slit MBD.

We recommend:

The LBD To MBD Hoops to spice up your sporty look.

LBD To MBD Hoops
IG: @Coperni, @KylieJenner

The Work Zest Danglers to match your strappy ensemble.

Work Zest Danglers
Instagram: @KendallJenner, @GigiHadid, @MileyCyrus
#2 Go all-in with the accessories:

A piece of jewellery here or a headscarf there, accessorise your MBD to add that finishing touch to your look. Take a cue from Hunter Schafer and layer up a few pendants and necklaces with a body-hugging MBD. Or, you can choose to bare your collar bones à la Phoebe Dynevor and pair your dress with a diamond set. On the other hand, you can choose to take notes from Zendaya and Gwyneth Paltrow about minimalism and put on a relaxed-fit lace dress with only a statement necklace or bag. Or channel your inner maximalist like Beyonce with a chunky belt and loads of jewellery to compliment an MBD with a deep thigh-high slit. But, if you’re looking to make a bold and whimsical statement, add a chic piece of jewellery to stand out. Our latest inspiration? Bella Hadid’s Schiaparelli all-black ensemble, paired with a gold necklace designed like lungs. Talk about taking our breath away, in all its slaying-swooning format.

We recommend:

The Staple Adepts Necklace for some fun layering with jewellery.

Staple Adepts Necklace
Hunter Schafer @LawRoach, @Zendaya, @GwynethPaltrow, @Beyonce

Slant Statements Bangle with the Slant Statements Ring as the matching set to coordinate your classic outfit.

Slant Statements Bangle and Ring
@BellaHadid, @PhoebeDynevor
#3 Add some colour:

Contrast can add interest to any look. And a little colour on an all-black ensemble does precisely the job. Splash a little colour with a cheeky bow in scarlet like Nicola Coughlan or put together a bright bag with a mini MBD like Bella Hadid. The colour pop is sure to add pizazz. Kudos to Dua Lipa’s cosy ensemble of a simple MBD with a colourful, fuzzy cardigan. That gave us major style goals while bingeing! You can also pair your outfit with neon pumps if you want to jazz up an off-shoulder look.

We recommend:

Edge On Diamond Necklace to balance out the contrast.

Edge On Necklace
IG: @BellaHadid, @DuaLipa, @NicolaCoughlan, @Coperni
#4 Pull-on some layers:

Layering can elevate an outfit into an ensemble. A style that is comfy and fashionably chic layer your MBD to add some excitement to your look. Team up a tight midi dress with a silken blouse on top, or add a cute turtleneck underneath in a contrasting colour. The texture will just add slay to those layers. One of our favourites, while Taylor Swift layers up plaid stockings and a collared shirt under a sheath MBD for a preppy look, Lucy Boynton added sheer dotted stockings with a textured dress. Or go grunge in a skin-tight fit and sheer ripped pantyhose. You can always get your retro vibe grooving with socks on sandals paired with a sweetheart necked MBD.

We recommend:

Mod Makeover Diamond Pendant to finish your layered look.

Mod Makeover Pendant
Insta: @femmeblk, @Stella_Greenspan, @LucyBoynton, @NensiDojaka, @TaylorSwift, @SelenaGomez
#5 The magic of glitter:

A little glitter doesn’t fail to add some pizzaz and glamour, and Hollywood is all about that allure. From movie stars to pop singers, glitter has been a failsafe route to amp up their looks. The MBD isn’t a stranger to all this sparkle, either. All eyes were on Ariana Grande in her halter-neck mini, shimmering in glitter. Gigi Hadid caught our attention with her head-to-toe sequins wearing a leg o’ mutton sleeved MBD. Pair your shimmery look with some gloves or a studded belt/shoe combo to add a little glamour.

We recommend:

Calm in Chaos Diamond Ring to add that sparkle of a diamond.

Calm In Chaos Diamond Ring
Instagram: @ArianaGrande, @GigiHadid

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5 Ways To Go From LBD To MBD
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5 Ways To Go From LBD To MBD
The LBD is a fashion staple in all our wardrobes. Spring Summer ’21 witnesses the transition of the LBD to the MBD. Check out this little guide that will help you style your Little Black Dress into the Modern Black Dress!
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