Discover Jewellery to Match your Emoji Mood #WorldEmojiDay

Why use words to say something when you can just emoji it?

Emojis have taken the world of text messaging by storm, leaving everyone smitten. With text getting shorter and shorter, abbreviations are just not enough. The LOLs and the ROFLs don’t work as well as the laughing face with tears rolling down does (sometimes even when you’re not really in the mood to LOL, oops). These funky little characters are always to the rescue, even in the most uncomfortable of situations. Don’t know what to say? Slap in an appropriate emoji to avoid that abrupt end to a conversation. If only we could do that in real life too.

So this World Emoji Day, we decided to pay homage to these little guys. We rounded up a few of the most used emoji’s and matched their whimsy with our jewellery. Read on to know which of our jewellery complements your personality based on your favourite emoji.

The Laughing Faces 😂:

The most used emoji 😂 (the laughing face) has a fun sensibility around it. If you love this emoji, you’re a happy-go-lucky person who’s full of positivity. Even during those dire times, you’re looking at the silver lining and are ready to go!

The Abstract Vibes Gold Necklace is the perfect piece to match your bubbly vibe.

Abstract Vibes Gold Necklace

Our Bohemian Basics Gold Ring is all about that joyful glee.

Bohemian Basics Gold Ring

Let your radiance glow with our Mod Marigold Gold Pendant.

Mod Marigold Gold Pendant

 The Crying Face 😭:

If the 😭(crying face) resonates with you, you’re someone who isn’t afraid to let it out. You’re in touch with your emotions, even ones that can be pretty intense.

The Carpe Denim Gold Hoops are the perfect touch to your emotional depth.

The Carpe Denim Gold Hoops

Let out your intensity with the Ebony Elegance Gemstone Necklace.

Ebony Elegance Gemstone Necklace.

Channel your inner edge in the Leather Weather Gold Pendant.

Leather Weather Gold Pendant.

Hearts ️:

If the (heart) has a special place in your heart, you’re a romantic. You don’t shy away from showering some love and are full of enthusiasm! You’re warm and kind and a little flirtatious too.

Show some love with the Bow Story Diamond Pendant.

Bow Story Diamond Pendant.

Put your heart out on your sleeve with the Twilight Saga Gemstone Pendant.

Twilight Saga Gemstone Pendant.

Get flirty with the Fringe of Love Gold Danglers.

Fringe of Love Gold Danglers

Sparkle :

Shine on! You live for the glimmer of glitter. You’re upbeat and magical, with an affinity to see the bright side. And there’s nothing wrong with believing in a bit of magic!

Put on the Glossy Guide Diamond Studs for a bit o’ sparkle.

Glossy Guide Diamond Studs

Dazzle with the Big Blue Diamond Necklace.

Big Blue Diamond Necklace.

Add a hint of magic with the Pink to Pastel Gemstone Bracelet.

Pink to Pastel Gemstone Bracelet.

 Winky Face 😉:

We see you, you cheeky little thing! You’re full of mischief and zest. Your witty personality makes you a bold one.

Our Back Tracks Gold Hoops are an excellent match for your boldness.

Back Tracks Gold Hoops

Get a little whimsical with the Mod Monochrome Diamond Necklace.

Mod Monochrome Diamond Necklace.

Sass it up with the Net Connections Gold Ring.

Net Connections Gold Ring.

 Party Emojis 🥳💃🎊 🎉:

You’re all about that glam, the life of the party! You love all things sparkly and glittery, just like your personality. You don’t go to the party; the party is where you are.

The Shimmy Style Diamond Studs are the ultimate blend of glittery fun!

Shimmy Style Diamond Studs

The Twist N Lock Gold Bracelet adds the bling you need.

The Twist N Lock Gold Bracelet

Get the party started with the Lime N Licious Gold Pendant.

Lime N Licious Gold Pendant.


The rainbow is loud, proud and not afraid to speak up. It expresses various positive emotions like happiness, hope and the feeling of togetherness. Paired with the rainbow flag, it represents the LGBTQIA+ community. Anyone with this emoji among their favourites is a go-getter who’s not afraid to speak up for their beliefs.

Express yourself by rocking the Love Wins Gold Danglers.

Love Wins Gold Danglers.

Get brave with the Courage, Dear Heart Gold Ring.

Courage, Dear Heart Gold Ring.

Speak up with the Colours Of Love Gold Round Bangle.

Colours Of Love Gold Round Bangle.Melorra is the place for jewellery for every mood and trend. Made for every occasion and for every attire too, go ahead and check out our collection for the perfect daily wear.

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Discover Jewellery to Match your Emoji Mood #WorldEmojiDay
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Discover Jewellery to Match your Emoji Mood #WorldEmojiDay
This World Emoji Day, we decided to pay homage to emojis! Here's a round-up of a few emojis and the jewellery that matches with their whimsy.
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