6 Young & Trendy Jewellery Designs to Complement Your Festive Look! #StyleTips

The festive season is knocking on your door again! It’s time to organise your wishlist and start shopping. Embrace your inner fashionista with an eye-catching style to go with the festivities! And what conveys joy more effectively than gold? This festive season, embrace the young and trendy gold look that celebrities across the world are rocking on the red carpet and the runways.

With festive jewellery that draws inspiration from the trendy international fashion trends, Melorra is here to make your festive outfit sparkle with an everlasting golden shine.

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The best way to capture the vivacious spirit of the season may be to go bold with gold. This season, leave behind the old and tacky gold jewellery and get your groove on to the everlasting young and trendy jewellery designs. Make this festive season shine with six best everyday trendy jewellery along with the most contemporary ways to style them. Explore our festive jewellery collection and glam up your everyday look!

Let’s Rock This Festive Season!

Melorra offers a range of global fashion inspired designs, specialising in trendy and modern gold jewellery that changes your festive fashion game. We’ve chosen the best gold jewellery based on your preferences and trending fashion statements.

These are our top picks for young and trendy jewellery designs to complement your festive look.

Shadow Gold Rings

This yellow gold finger ring has a triangle pattern with cutout accents in the middle. The high polish result creates a shiny appearance. For today’s women, this is a gorgeously crafted 22-Karat gold finger that absolutely boosts your festive wear. It is a simple and sophisticated design, and the best part is that it goes with every occasion. Pair it with a simple white or black kurti and bright nail polish to show off your gorgeous hands!

All Over Gold Bracelet 

The stunning Rose All Over Gold Bracelet is the next piece on our list. This bracelet is made of highly polished yellow gold and features a cut-work rose blossom design throughout. This beautifully crafted 22-karat gold bracelet for modern women from our Flower Festival Collection is perfect for you if you choose to wear it with a festive lehenga or a suit. Pair it with a rose gold attire for a glamorous red carpet look. A stylish bracelet made of high polish gold is a great foundation for customising your outfit with this necklace. Pairing it with a beautiful set of gold stud earrings and a black off-the-shoulder evening dress can help you achieve a sophisticated, luxurious look this festive season.

Wild Flower Mesh Gold Bangle

Next on our list of trendy jewellery for this festive season is the Wild Flower Mesh Gold Bangle. This exquisitely created, multi-cut-out yellow gold bracelet is formed like a flower and has a high gloss. This piece is part of modern women’s Tropical Vibe line that gives you a young and festive look. It is a beautifully crafted 22-karat Gold Round Bangle for modern women from our Festive Floral line. You can wear it with a beautiful silk saree along with a pair of gold hoop earrings. With a sleek bun, this gold bracelet is bound to get you a lot of head turners.

Cross Lock Lace Gold Pendant 

Don’t be hesitant to layer them with geometric designs; they stand out on their own. This beautiful high polish yellow gold pendant with an open oval shape as the design inspiration is made just for beautiful classy women. This beautifully crafted 22-karat gold pendant for today’s women from our Lace Up line is perfect for this festive season. Pair it with an Indo-Western dress for that minimalist yet classic festive look.

Rare Bloom Gold Earrings

One of the most popular and timeless earring design is a pair of elegant gold earrings with delicate designs. These gorgeously crafted pairs of 22-karat gold drop earrings from our Festive Floral collection are made for women who want to add some colour to their outfits. The petals of these two-layered, highly polished, floral-shaped yellow gold dangler earrings include several cut-outs. This is a head-turner and ideal for this festive season. For a youthful, trendy look, try a no-makeup look with pink lips and cheeks. For the ideal trendy feminine style, pair this lovely set of earrings with a slim gold bracelet and anarkali kurti.

Stardom Gold Necklace

This fashionable necklace is made of high-polish yellow gold and is decorated with several star-shaped embellishments. For fastening, the item features an S-hook and a cable chain. This beautifully crafted 22-karat gold necklace from our Cutout collection is perfect for this festive season for all the beautiful ladies who love a star-factor. Pair it with a gorgeous evening gown for the festive night for that perfect trendy look.

If these styling suggestions made you want to look your best every day, then buy your favourite trendy designs from our collection that were influenced by global fashion trends!

Happy shopping @Melorra!

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