Top 5 Lightweight Gold Bracelets to own this Autumn! #Buyer’sGuide

Autumn leaves begin to shower like gold, like rainbows as the winds of change begin to blow.

—————-Dan Millman

As the fall knocks at our doors, we open ourselves to yet another phase of the year and everything that it brings. This season not only hauls in the second round of harvest, but also months of plentiful festivals and merriment. Autumn-Winter 2022, aptly called the festive season, is one that we all fondly await. The months are filled with regional and global holidays inviting joyous get-togethers, love, laughter, and scrumptious delicacies.

From squishy sweet modaks to flickering diyas serenading homes, garba nights to secret santas, the season takes us through a wild ride of celebrations. Thereupon, we wind down with a glimmer of hope in our eyes, beckoning a new year full of happiness and love.

Get Your Festive Looks Sorted

With so many festivals lined up, it is best to stay one step ahead and have all your festive styles sorted.

We want you to shine every chance you get!

Gold jewellery has been one of most sported trends of the year. At Melorra, we bring you the season’s hottest trends as functional designs in the form of everyday fine jewellery. Our affordable gold bracelets for daily wear inspired from global fashion trends is the way to go this season! These versatile pieces work well with all your western and ethnic outfits.

These are our top five picks to glide through this season with panache! Pick your favourite from a selection of global trend-inspired jewellery!


22Kt Digital Dream Gold Bracelet

Carry the essence of autumn on your wrist, with this enamelled bracelet that captures the alluring colours of the season. High polish gold cable chain bracelet with a motif with four opposite-facing semi-circular patterns, set closely together, and a square block in each centre. The opposite blocks have orange and pink enamel coats on them. Spruce up your brunch outfits with a pop of colour.

Cats N Suits Gold Bracelet

An ideal option to pair with your office wear. Let the holiday spirit follow you to your work with the Cat N Suits Gold Bracelet. Style them with your formal blazer, Aline shift dresses or collared blouses. This is a high polish yellow gold bracelet with three zig-zag motifs set across the cable chain. 

22Kt Pop Drop Gold Bracelet

Work and play go hand in hand with the Pop Drop Gold Bracelet. It is a charming, simple piece to add on to your casual wear or work wear. An everyday rendition of the global trend of body chain jewellery. This high polish yellow gold bracelet features a ball chain with alternating spherical motifs in various sizes. The product has a ‘S’ hook for fastening. 

22KT Rapsody Gold Hand Harness

It’s festive season after all and that means you have more than one place to be. Whether it’s a pooja, a team celebration or even a wedding,  glam up in this gold hand harness. Perfect way to add some pzazz to your indian or western wear. This beautiful hand harness in high polish yellow gold is designed with a ring at the centre with a spherical motif. It features a ball chain with alternating spherical motifs and has a ‘S’ hook for fastening.

22Kt Denim Love Gold Bracelet

If you like to run with the trends, then this one is definitely for you! Inspired from the embellished denims on runways around the work, we bring you the Denim Love Gold Bracelet. Seize the 90’s nostalgia in this bracelet. It is a high polish yellow gold chain bracelet with multiple heptagonal motifs and denim blue enamel leaf art work and a fish lock fastening.

Let’s welcome the enchanting autumn with some flair. Look dashing as you spread love and joy in the air!

Whether you are honouring the harvest season and its festivities, creating memories with friends or spending a mundane day at work, we say you do so with fashionable jewellery from Melorra. Choose from an array of designs made for different occasions and moods! 

Mark your special days and make your moments extra memorable with these bracelets. Our daily wear simple gold bracelet designs for ladies is bound to get you noticed among friends and family!

Checkout the latest gold bracelets collections to unfold a world of glamour!

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