7 Designs for a Breezy Summer Look! #StyleItUp


Here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right.

Well, the Beatles said what they said. Spring/Summer has set in, and now it’s all about the corner-long walks on the beach, coconut water, watermelon bites, strappy sandals, breezy clothes, floral patterns, or hanging by the pool!

What does summer remind you of?

Tuck away the greys and wools, do the spring cleaning, and the Sun is up!
Well! We want to keep everything light and not indulge in anything tacky. Don’t we?

Spring-summer 2022 is playful, fun, and feisty!

So, let the skirts be shorter and dresses breezier with hot pinks, bright yellows, and cutouts. The jewellery be light-weight and hair flowy!
Wondering how to embellish the femininity in you? Add the glam to beams?

Here are 7 curated ideas to help you perfect your style game!

Let your vivacity shine through the exquisite collection at Melorra-promising you on-trend, hotness, and compliments.

1# Brace those wrists.

Pair the Summer Dream Gold Bracelet with your floral shirt and solid trousers for brunch with your family and groove into the summer vibe.
Gold bracelet
Summer Dream Gold Bracelet

2# Go for the Classics 

Gemstones are in, and it’s summer! Two, three, or four- go for the classics, Green Pine Gemstone Ring
An add on: If you want to just complete the look, the Green Pine Gemstone Bracelet would work as magic!

Green Pine Gemstone Ring

Green Pine Gemstone Bracelets
Green Pine Gemstone Bracelet

3# All work and add fun

Look like million dollar with the Follow Up Sequins Gold Drop Earrings as you casually toss your hair or tie it up on a bun. Satin blouses and wide high-rise trousers or the solid color pantsuit. You go, girl!

Follow Up Sequins Gold Drop Earrings

4# Spiced lattes?

Catch up at coffee with your buddies with the Rippled Effect Gold pendant. 
An add on: Flaunt this Ripple Effect Gold Ring. Pair it with your solid shirt dress and strappy sandals. All sorted now – we can Sip the latte!
Ripple Effect Gold Pendant
Ripple Effect Gold Pendant

Ripple Effect Gold Ring

5# Can’t keep my eyes off you

Fourth date or the first, as long you want all his attention on you. Shimmer those eyes a bit, pony it up or the sleek bun. Let the Sparkle Away Diamond Earrings spin the wand.
Sparkle Away Diamond Earrings
Sparkle Away Diamond Earrings

6# Confused?

A short notice? Add a little drama! Not every day do we get to plan it while grabbing the Dramatic Chains Gold Hoop Earrings in a rush. Stand out anywhere you go cause’ hoops are the best.
Dramatic Chains Gold Hoop Earring
Dramatic Chains Gold Hoop Earring

7# Miniatures

Oh, the love for solitaire! Add the dash of dazzling with the Brace For Viva Forever Diamond Nose Pin. Let them wonder!
Viva Forever Diamond Nose Pin
Viva Forever Diamond Nose Pin

And what’s more?

Live in the sunshine!
Smell the sea!
Feel the sky!
Let the soundtrack of summer rock you by!
This season or be it any, it’s all about embracing yourself. Team up the dress game, accessorize, wear the colour, and shine.
Check out our Sunny collection for the fiery summer.
You can also sneak a peak at our latest collection here and who knows you might discover your new favourite!


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