Lace Me Up This Spring! #TrendAlert


This season’s highlights – flaunt chic, hug the boho and pause a while caressing entirely with laces…

Spring/Summer 2022 is here: the petrichor emanating from the lands, little blooms of bright colour between green leaves unfurling: of a little rain, seeds taking roots, splash on the mud  with tie-up laces…

It’s time we get to soak in some Vitamin D while breathing in the freshest of air.

Moods are better, thanks to the abundance of serotonin. This time of the year, tad a bit more gratitude after two years of pyjamas and tanks at home- Lockdown.

Eh! Glad to step out of the house, on the road again, basking in the soft sun and long days! We know it best- the attention on our wardrobes, mostly jewellery, isn’t it, ladies?

Fashion streets are blooming with colours just like the season:

Bright hot pinks, sheer fabrics, the neons, the liquid metallic fabrics, cut-outs, skirts, and never forget the rising hemlines, which also draw out attention to the shoes and the sandals – footwear love!

Talk of the runways – Designer exhibit

This fashion season, runways were dominated by colours and the laced laden shoes, the boots with lace trims, and lace leggings. So very casual and summery! From Dolce&Gabbana to Valentino and Laquan Smith to Alex Perry, laces dominated the fashion corners calling attention to the irresistibly attractive, outgoing and glamorous look.



Celebs lacing it up!

Turning the heat up has never been alien to the celebrities-the who’s who of entertainment and fashion. Rihanna, Ananya Pandey, Zendaya, Shanaya Kapoor; everyone glammed up the fashion trade, and we are nothing but in awe. Chic, glam, comfort and style are indeed the theme this season.


The Lace Up Collection

This Spring-Summer 2022 begins with a lace extravaganza! Inspired by the intricacies and curves and minimalistic attributes of laces, we have created a range in gold and diamonds to match the lightheartedness of the season’s air. Now is the perfect time to invest in the jewellery repertoire.

Check out a few pieces from the collection!


Lace Reaction Gold Earrings




Diamond earrings
Free Flow Lace Diamond Necklace
gold bracelet
Laced Together Gold Bracelet
Gold ring
Hidden Knot Lace Diamond Ring


gold pendant
So Lacy Gold Pendant
gold bracelet
So Lacy Gold Bracelet

Get ready to flaunt the boho and enjoy the summer vibe!

If you are looking to blend with the trend, keep it casual and set the mood for a free-spirited vibe, our Lace Up Collection is something that would add to your summer glory.

So, wear your easy-breezy outfit, put on your comfortable shoes, tie up your laces, wear your confidence and get ready to bask in the sunshine.

You can also check out our other collections here.


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