7 Gold Earrings for Your Monday to Sunday Plan!

From Monday mornings to weekend evening plans, there’s an accessory that we all love to explore. Whether it is about stacking up bracelets, rings or picking out matching earrings for that top/shirt, there’s an ornament for all.

And wouldn’t it be great if all these options were made of gold? That too matching the latest trends and oh-so light-weight? Well, worry not! Combining the global fashion trends with gold and diamonds, we’re all about keeping your jewellery section up-to-date. Gone are the days of keeping your gold jewellery in the lockers. It’s time to go contemporary and wearing what you love every day!

Picking out some pairing ideas for this Spring Summer, we’re suggesting gold earrings for all your moods. Whether it is a Monday meeting or a Saturday brunch plan with your girls, there’s an earring for all. Here’s what we suggest for your Monday to Sunday pairing ideas!


When the Monday blues are taking over, there aren’t a lot of things that make us get out of bed (minus GOT, of course). But a good ensemble is also one of them. Add a little colour to your summery-yet-official day with a striped shirt and pair it with the Slice of Pine gold studs to add a contrasting shade of yellow.

Gold Earrings for Your Monday to Sunday Plan


Take over those meetings with uber-cool and confident look with the classic white shirt that will never go out of style. Pair it up with the Rhyme N ruffle gold hoops to add a gold shade that’ll compliment your formal look. Let your hair down or tie it up in a bun, this pairing will be perfect for all your hairstyles.

Gold Earrings for Your Monday to Sunday Plan


Why shouldn’t formals be fun? Pick out a trendy printed shirt that shows off your feminine and bold side. From a polka dot one to a floral one, you wouldn’t go wrong pairing it with black denim or trousers. Add on the Sync in Sequin gold earrings and you’ll be ready to step out the door!

Gold Earrings for Your Monday to Sunday Plan


It’s the second half of the week and the much-awaited Friday is Almost here! Excitement is in the air and its time to jazz up your workwear too! Go with a shirt dress or pair up a bright top to show off your fun side and accessorize with Rosette Fields gold studs to tie your ensemble together.

Gold Earrings for Your Monday to Sunday Plan


And the time to celebrate and to relax is here! With Friday comes in casual dressing, 9-9 plans and catching up with friends. Pick out those culottes, the ruffle dress or sneakers that you’ve been meaning to wear and accessorize with the Tiger Point gemstone danglers. Complementing your LBD or just the Earthy tone you’ve been going for, it’s the apt addition.

gold danglers


Calling ‘Me Time’! A day to do whatever you’d like, it’s a day of chill and all sorts of relaxed vibes. Cosy up in your bed with a book or step out to meet some friends for brunch, the choice is all yours. From a coffee date to a pub-hopping plan in the evening, the Fun o Fern gold danglers are the way to go for all!

gold danglers


Talk about coffee in bed, are we right? Binge watch a series in bed or decide to step out for a day of shopping, it’s a day where you can spend some time between loved ones and relaxing, preparing for the week ahead. Whether it’s about staying in jammies all day or that comfy T-shirt, add some colour to it! Pair up with the Tangy Angie enamel earrings and you’re ready to relax, shop or just put your feet up – In style.

gold studs enamel studs

So, go ahead and make your week full of gold jewellery and confidence. Whether it is pairing with a contrast colour or some bling, all you need is a trendy trinket to go with your ensemble! It’s time your jewellery is as updated as your wardrobe.

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7 Gold Earrings for Your Monday to Sunday Plan!
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7 Gold Earrings for Your Monday to Sunday Plan!
7 Gold Earrings for Your Monday to Sunday Plan!
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