8 Gorgeous Pendants to Pick Right Away! #melorra

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The celebration continues  at Melorra!

The wedding season together with the start of endless year-ender parties will set the tone for a festive month and weekends! So, are you ready and stocked with your fashion finds?

Not yet? Here, let us fix that for you. Starting with statement pendants that make for a fashionable accessory without burning a hole in your pockets, we’ve lined up 8 of the best and most versatile gold, diamonds, gemstones and enamel pendant to you to pick.

If you’re a lover of everything minimal, gold pendants must be your go-to accessory! This precious jewellery can be added to a necklet, coupled with a pair of danglers and teamed up with that cocktail dress you’ve been dying to flaunt. Wear your pendants with a pair of gold studs to add a hint of panache to your workwear. And if you’re thinking you can’t pair them for those denim days, we are definitely disagreeing!

One size fits all – Gold Pendants

An apt addition to your everyday look, whether paired with a necklet chain or a fashion chain, it’ll suit all lengths and earn you points for your fashion sense! Bringing forth your charm with colour, gemstones and even diamonds, it’s a trinket in gold that will be your default choice.

Falling right in your budget, these pieces are a combination of the latest trends and your love for all things subtle! Bringing forth our collection of pendants, here are some products that are bound to get you excited and make you daydream about the ensembles you can pair them with and all the compliments you’re gonna collect! Now isn’t that a cure for those Monday blues?

So read on and take a peek at our 8 favourite pendants that you need to get your hands on, right this second!

#1. The Triple Scoop Gemstone Pendant from The Gelato Pastels Collection

Gemstone Pendant Melorra.com
Triple Scoop Gemstone Pendant

#2. The Glow Getter Gold Pendant from our All Gold Line

Gold Pendant Melorra.com
Glow Getter Gold Pendant

#3. The Wings of Glitter Diamond Pendant from our Animal Collection

Diamond Pendant Melorra.com
Wings of Glitter Diamond Pendant

#4. The Modern Woman Gold Pendant with white enamel detailing

Gold Pendants Melorra.com
Modern Woman Gold Pendant

#5. The Smitten Kitten Diamond Pendant in a Rose Gold colour

Diamond Pendant Melorra.com
Smitten Kitten Diamond Pendant

#6. The Purple Curl Gold Pendant from our Lavender Collection

Gold Pendants Melorra.com
Purple Curl Gold Pendant

#7. The Song of Stars Gold Pendant from our Cosmic Print Series

Gold Pendant Melorra.com
Song of Stars Gold Pendant

#8. The Gangsta Gal Diamond Pendant from our Just Initials Collection Series

Diamond Pendant Melorra.com
Gangsta Gal Diamond Pendant

With an offer that’s hard to refuse, we’re cutting down our making charges and giving you a complete off on making charges of gold, diamond and gemstone jewellery for certain products! Yes, 100% OFF!

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8 Gorgeous Pendants to Pick Right Away! #melorra
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8 Gorgeous Pendants to Pick Right Away! #melorra
8 Gorgeous Pendants to Pick Right Away! #melorra
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