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Do you ever think your precious jewellery should be trendy too? Also light and comfy enough to go all day without any hassle? Ah! You’re at the right place. Don’t believe this? Worry not! We have got not one but eight reasons to say Melorra is your sure stop!


You want your precious jewellery to be your trend-friend and your high-fashion cousin suggested Melorra. But being a smart chick, you wanna make sure you buy quality? High five! You and Melorra can be best friends, as we also love being top on quality! 

And for your trust, here we bring, not one but eight reasons why Melorra jewellery is perfect for your everyday! Read on.

#1. Trendy, Not Traditional

We have everything that you will love, except one. Wanna know? So, here you might not find a heavy choker inspired by Indian culture or heritage. However, you’ll definitely find a trend-inspired banglet to go with your LBD! Or, a cute necklace that you can wear to your office. Oh yeah, we said office!

melorra gold jewellery for everyday

#2. New designs every week on Melorra

 With changing fashion when your wardrobe gets an update, why shouldn’t your fine jewellery? With around 300 unique designs every month and close to 10 new designs every day, Melorra gives you a Universe of fine gold jewellery to explore. Also, which would be hard to find in any jewellery store beside the Melorra experience centres! 

melorra gold jewellery for everyday


#3. Melorra Jewellery inspired straight off the ramps

Our international fashion watchers enjoy front-row access to Paris, Milan, New York and London Fashion weeks! Accordingly, they bring global trends back home. Subsequently, our jewellery designers interpret these trends in fine jewellery. The one you are sure to love!

#4. Melorra Matching sets

So, you’re that wholesome fashion queen who wants everything ready for her each look? Again, Melorra’s the place for you. Pick any piece and get matching designs across categories. For instance, if you like a particular necklace, you can also find its matching sets of earrings, studs, pendants, bangles, and even bracelets! We create every design in whole sets, to give your look that complete touch! Don’t believe it? Check out here yourselves! 

melorra gold jewellery for everyday

#5. Melorra – All day, Every day!

Wanna wear precious jewellery but also love comfort? We’ve got you! We say, going out for a run? Here’s a diamond necklace to go with. Melorra jewellery is lightweight, easy on your skin, and strong enough to stay all day all night proudly on you. What’s easier and sassier than that? 😉

melorra gold jewellery for everyday

#6. Precious – in all kinds!

You want precious jewellery that’s trendy too and comfortable. At Melorra you get amazing, chic and trendy fine jewellery, not just in gold, but diamonds and gemstones. Well, enamel too! Just say what you like.

gemstone gold jewellery for everyday

#7. Melorra’s Quality trust

With an insured process, and safe delivery, Melorra jewellery also comes with top test of quality! Worried about the purity of gold? Rest in comfort as all Melorra’s gold jewellery are BIS hallmarked. Melorra’s diamond jewellery comes with diamond certificates issued by SGL or IGI Laboratories, which are India’s foremost diamond certification agencies.

Melorra gold jewellery

#8. Lifetime exchange with Melorra

Our wardrobe needs a refresh every now and then, doesn’t it? At Melorra, you can upgrade your jewellery easily as we offer a best-in-industry Lifetime Exchange policy, with a 90% exchange value across all jewellery categories.

lifetime exchange gold jewellery

So, now when you have got your trust ensured, go bold and crazy, for gold! Well, can check out some diamonds, and gemstones too! Melorra is here at your service.

Melorra also has its own unique kind of jewellery. Unique innovations. Something you’ll find here only. 😉 Check out here!

8 reasons why Melorra jewellery is perfect for everyday!
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8 reasons why Melorra jewellery is perfect for everyday!
You want trendy, chic & precious jewellery? We bring you not one, but eight reasons why Melorra is one-shop stop for precious jewellery!
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