Add a little ‘Texture’ To Your Everyday Look!

Texture is all about details, pleating techniques, and oversized layering. Fashion streets and runways exhibited this trend creating an oomph factor and admiration with the reshaping of the fabrics leading to a futuristic vibe. Much of the collection’s inspiration is from the gaming world. The artwork exhibits a 3D shape which is unlikely and creates surprising twists.

Melorra’s Collection in gold this season is an innovation in this trend that amalgamates the snakeskin, dragon, and fish scales. It can be a perfect accessory to pair up with your everyday workwear that can sprinkle stardust onto the outfits of your choice. Moreover, the collection is versatile and experimental which can be carried on to your evening plans. 

In the world of fashion, designers exhibited textures in innovative details – Dries Van Noten’s mixture of Ombre details, bright colours, and patterns to Chet Lo and Marine Serre’s usage of you-have-to-touch-it texture; Noir Kei Ninomiya’s animated work to Acne studios usage of more earthy tones in the runways gave way to exceptional bounce. 

The street style exhibited pop colours in textured jackets, skirts, scarves, and boots with spikes: not just limited to tees and tanks. 

Celeb’s Corner 

Celebrities are never behind while we talk about fashion and we know it is fashionable, after all our inspiration is somehow linked with their choices. Kim Kardashian in texture outfit is a sight to behold. B town’s Deepika Padukone, Mouni Roy, and Mrinal Thakur were spotted carrying the futuristic glamorous trend and looked fabulous. Why not blend in with the stylish swing?

Here are a few suggestions to pair this futuristic collection with your everyday wear.  


Work can be mundane and not everyday things are exciting. While daily chores make it more mechanical, you let your accessories bring the dazzle. Pair the Sleek Weave Gold Earrings with a solid tunic and your linen trousers. You may tie your hair in a sleek pony. While you are comfortable in your simple outfit, let the gold add the glam.


If you are headed to an important meeting, add a bonus to your presentation with the Dragon Wings Gold Necklace and the Dragon Blaze Gold Earrings. Wear these lightweight pieces and make a subtle statement. Match them with your matching pantsuit and seal that deal.


We all love the days when it is more special than the other days, especially the ones which can bring you pleasure. While you are headed to the theatres, whether it is a first-day show or a late-night one, take a moment to add little theatrics with the Twill Texture Gold Earrings and a light floral short dress.


When meeting your friends after work or attending a relative’s celebration, carry the Twill Texture Gold Bangles which is a versatile piece and it will go with any outfit, be it a fitted shirt and trousers or your favourite blazer.


Planning a date with your spouse after a long tiring day? While you get the seats reserved and candles lit, wear a blazer dress and add the Mystical Dragon Bold Bracelet with the Mystical Dragon Gold Pendant. Let your hair loose and wear a bright pair of heels. A sure moment of head over heels!

 This gold collection is unruly and has a bold edge, explore your favourites here. 

If you are looking for holiday inspiration, read to find out more!

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