Top 5 Gold Drop Earrings That Have Been in Trend This Year

Create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and identifiable to others

         – Anna Wintour

It is no surprise that after two odd years of comfort dressing and lounge pants, we seem to gravitate towards a bit of flamboyance. The pandemic surely left us reprioritizing life in many aspects. It brought about bizarre realities and opened the world to a “new normal”.

For a while, it seemed like the right choice to pull back, slow down and embrace the simplistic pleasures. Take on the spartan life, to say the least.

But as the looming pandemic bids adieu, we awake from a long winter’s slumber to bring on some bling. We embrace every opportunity that offers a possibility of a dopamine boost.

Fashion is no different, every chance we get, we want to dress to impress.

The votes have come in on this year’s mood, and it reads joyful and fun with a pinch of craziness. Undoubtedly we wish to translate that mood into our clothes and jewellery. 

At Melorra, we give you a chance to do just that. Presenting you a range of gold drops/danglers, that align with the untethered energy of the season.

The Trend Zone 

This season is all about taking that plunge into the pool of extravagance. From haute couture to street style, it is all about being bold, daring, and unique with a hint of nostalgia

One of the most audacious trends of the season has been dopamine dressing. A refreshing fashion ideology of dressing to boost your mood. One that celebrates the unique tastes and preferences of each individual. The term was coined by fashion psychologist Dwann Karen and made its first appearance in her book ‘Dress Your Best Life’. She talks about employing the use of colour therapy and experimenting with textures while doubling down on your style.

This trend paved the way for many of the current trends such as the ubiquitous hot pink ensembles. Pier Paolo Piccioli dedicated his entire AW22 Valentino show to hot pink. 

Runway Stories

We see runways buzzing with bold prints, popping colours, ostentatious jewellery and snazzy accessories such as opera gloves. We witness a call back to the 2000s, with Y2K fashion, feather trims and a common consensus of fashion as self-expression.

Chunky chain necklaces, chokers, oversize gold hoops from the 70s and 80s, and statement danglers seem to be the OTT-approved accessories in vogue at the moment. 

Check out these five gold drops that have been trending this season. 

Take your pick and amp up your style to match your mood!

Curves On Fleek Gold Drop Earring 

Curves on Fleek Gold Drop Earring is a high polish yellow gold dangler with two elongated diamond-shaped motifs hanging down to each other. It is attached to an inverted diamond-shaped nugget. A statement piece from the bold gold collection. Go big or go home in these shoulder dusters which are the perfect choice for the evening looks. Make head turns with this daring choice as you party it out with your BFFs!

Twist o Trims Earrings

Twist o Trims Earrings are high polish yellow gold danglers that have multiple inward curving fringes forming a rounded rectangular motif. The inward curving fringes are of different sizes. Inspired by the trend of the fringe frenzy, these delicate breezy earrings are a great option to pair with summer dresses, flowy tops, and pleated skirts. The right pick for an easy breezy day out to lighten and brighten your mood.

Mini Work Vibe Earrings

Mini Work Vibe Earrings are the men’s work vibe earrings are high polish yellow gold danglers with two cross-sectional arranged urn-shaped motifs and attached to a similar smaller motif. It uses sculptural silhouettes that are apt for pairing with your work wear. You cannot go wrong with a piece of geometric shape-inspired jewellery for a formal yet elegant look.Match the Mesh Gold Earrings

Match the Mesh Gold Earrings is a chain link jewellery that is not just restricted to chunky necklaces and bracelets. To match the mesh gold earrings is a yellow gold high polish dangler that has multiple drop-shaped motifs connected to create a link chain pattern. If you are in the mood for spunky and fun then look no further, as these gold earrings are the way to go. Wear them with denim and crew-neck shirts for a casual day out or as your favourite leisure wear.Fern Floral Gold Drop Earrings

Fern Floral Gold Drop Earrings is a high polish yellow gold dangler that has a dangling fern leaf motif attached to a flowering bud with two petals enamelled in red. Give your outfits a pop of colour and life with these enamel gold earrings. Choose versatile options from the Tropical Collections to pair with both casual or work wear.

Whether you dress for your mood or dress to liven up your mood, Melorra has got you covered with gold earrings for daily wear! Our global trend-inspired jewellery is hard to miss and often a conversation starter!

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