Autumn – Winter 19/20: The Trends & The Mood of the Season!

Autumn Winter 2019 has brought in two poles of fashion together, just like a mixed bag of chocolates. Let’s explore what it has in store for us, shall we?

On one side, designers were paying homage to the not-so-discreet lavishness of the French Bourgeoisie, while on the other, the punk spirit could be felt in the air. Laughing at conventions and rousing the silhouettes of the ‘femme rebelle’, in all their punk connotations.

However, both these opposing inspirations had one common denominator – they talked about breaking the mould of an ideal woman and celebrating what she is today.

The Talking Point

The 70s, 80s and 90s moods are surely coming together this season in all their old-school glory. While, on the other hand, the designers and international runways were also speaking about the world’s ongoing social and environmental concerns. Genderless fashion also became a most-talked-about point both front and backstage and also translated on to designers’ mood boards. Anti-consumerism fashion, or basically saying No to fast fashion, and sustainability were some other visions that were also present.

What are the luxury houses focusing on this season?

In a gist, Vivienne Westwood’s theme of ‘Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last’, is the new path to walk on.

The Mood

AW 19/20 brings in three moods for the season – OTT, Black n Chic and Bourgeois. If you thought last season was going OTT, you’ve not seen the red carpets of the season. This Autumn Winter the trend takes on a new definition of volume, drama and going wayyy over the top, like never before.

The ‘Femme Rebelle’ feel was also in the air with head-to-toe black, paired with stompers and layered with supersized clothing. It was a blend of casual, anger and layered-up looks that defined the punk/goth vibe. On the other end of the spectrum, there was a Quiet Luxury fashion of the French 70s that caught the attention. Fashion within boundaries, it was all about silk blouses, neat blazers and sensible skirts.

From all the subtle tones to extra pop

Our Inspiration

With the mood and designer’s takes up for grabs all across, we were all set to begin our journey into the Autumn Winter realm. Taking inspiration from the trends, the colours and the mood of the season, we created collections in gold, diamonds and gemstone to add that extra sass to your outfit! Here’s how we went ahead:


A whole range of colours came in this season. From beiges, coffee, butter and greys to maroons and deep greens there was a whole colour palette to choose from. If you’re looking for a vibrant shade, a colour pop of feathers were also adding to the Autumn-Winter collection. And if you’re the one who likes to go OTT, there’s neon to help you out.

Collections Inspired: Ivy League Collection, Tailored Grey Collection, Pop Feather Collection, Fluoro Pop Collection.


From pleated skirts, bows to asymmetrical necklines and collars, there were all sorts of additions and that too, for every look. Oversized and voluminous drapings also came back this season with a take on comfort. But the main highlight? Was in the sleeves. From high drama leg-o-mutton sleeves to shoulder pads and power suits, structure and theatrics came together this season – to make workwear fun-ner. Going beyond workwear, this season also presented us with cocktail suits. With a monotone colour and layered up looks, there was (finally) a suit for all occasions.

On the other hand, for the femme rebelle, the trend of inners as outers showcased solidarity in bold styling. No longer prim and proper, women empowerment was clearly visible with this trend.

Collections Inspired: High Sobriety Collection, Dramatic Flair Collection, Amplified Volume Collection, Work Sequins Collection, Shoulder Duster Collection, Flamboyant Flair Collection, Edgy Power Collection, Cocktail Suits Collection, Freetheinner Collection.


No season is complete without a little print play and so it was this season. Taking a turn towards the punk era for inspiration, this season it’s all about an unconventional dark vibe – in a feminine way. In the form of roses, thorns and the colour black, it’s a new take on florals. On the other hand, the French bourgeois was definitely motivating the print segment with checks, plaids and stripes for an easy-to-adapt feel.

Taking inspiration from weaves, the fabrics used were one of the talking points of this season. From chunky knit weaves to the houndstooth tweed, it was about celebrating winter in comfort zone, plus showcasing your personal style.

Collection Inspired: Dark Romance Collection, Dark Florals Collection, Parisian Poise Collection, Checks Collection, Winter Tweed Collection, Knitted Collection.

Get ready for the cold weather in subdued tones or play with colours on a dreary day – there’s one for all and all for one this Autumn Winter. Whether it’s a work thing or a party one, there’s an OTT trend out there that’ll fit all your day plans too! With options not only for your clothing but your jewellery box too, let your favourite trend be a part of you.

Check out our entire Autumn-Winter 2019/20 Collections here!

Autumn - Winter 19/20: The Trends & The Mood of the Season!
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Autumn - Winter 19/20: The Trends & The Mood of the Season!
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