Bling Up Your New Year with Diamonds! #Styling

Festivities are in the air and we’re close the New Year yet again..wondering where the year went by and more than that, excited to move on to the next one! With parties, catching up with friends and many many occasions to attend, there are so many party requirements to tackle!

And we have a solution for it all! Making fine jewellery all ready for your party bling, these designs will match your festive mood perfectly. Keeping in mind your western wardrobe and trendy styling, our collections are created to match those needs. In gold, diamonds, gemstones and enamel, we’re sure you’ll find that ideal jewellery to match your New Year outfit. Whether it’s a sequin dress or a gothic look, there’s one for all! And that too, with a dazzle! Yes, we’re talking about diamonds!

Check out what we have in store for you!

#1. The Bolder Shoulder Diamond Danglers for those friends get-togethers

The Bolder Shoulder Diamond Danglers

#2. The Lace Replay Diamond ring that will go with your LBD to those cocktail gowns

Lace Replay Diamond Ring

#3. The Lace Line Up Diamond Bangle for those big New Year parties!

Lace Line Up Diamond Bangle

#4. The Fire and Ice Diamond Bracelet to go with those crop tops to those skirt-boots pair-ups

Fire and Ice Diamond Bracelet

#5. The Swerve A Lace Diamond Ring for those monochrome outfits or vibrant solids – let the bling shine away!

Swerve A Lace Diamond Ring

#6. The Lace Replay Diamond Bangle for those wine tasting plans or even that sequin dress you’ve been meaning to wear

Lace Replay Diamond Bangle

#7. The Lace Broderie Diamond Ring for those pub-hopping nights and skirts that swirl!

Lace Broderie Diamond Ring

#8. The Swerve A Lace Diamond Hoops for those dance parties and Ladies nights!

Swerve A Lace Diamond Hoops

#9. The Bow Trow Diamond Bangle to pair up with your Friday casuals – from denim-on-denim to print play, it’ll be a fun way to dazzle

Bow Trow Diamond Bangle

#10. The Bella Diamond Ring for those brunch plans with your peeps

Bella Diamond Ring

#11. The Diva Divine Diamond Bracelet that you can pack for your travel plans – ’cause after all, New Year means a New You!

Diva Divine Diamond Bracelet

#12. The Net Twirl Diamond Cuff to pair with your net ponchos or even that all-black ensemble you’ve been thinking of wearing

Net Twirl Diamond Cuff

So while you’re prepping up for that perfect New Year eve party outfit or outfits for pretty much the entire week of celebration, add on some diamonds to it and flaunt your confidence ever so brightly! 

Check out our entire range of diamonds here!

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