AW 19/20: From Bralettes to Bracelets! #Newlaunch

There’s a whole lot of rebellion and feminism in the air with the new trend in town. It’s all about innerwear as outerwear this Autumn-Winter 2019/20. With modesty and guts, of course.

While many fashion trends spoke about climate change, the Bourgeois woman and bringing back classics, there was also one not ready to stay quiet. Under the Slacker Chic macro trend, it’s not about being dainty or shy anymore. With self-expression taking on the stage and the so-called ‘private matters’ of domestic abuse, sexual assaults coming to surface, it’s a loud take on women reclaiming their bodies.

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Not Here to Hide!

Although this trend comes and goes every few years, this season was like no other. One of the earliest rendition of this trend was the movie Easy A (2010), where Emma Stone wears corsets over jeans (and owns it) to defy the high school culture. Apart from that, this trend also took inspiration from various political movements like #FreetheNipple, the Me Too movement etc. where women from all over the world answered back.

The innerwear as outerwear has been constantly taken up for on-stage performances since forever. One of the oldest looks was styled by Madonna as she wore a lace bustier on the cover of her album Like A Virgin. From Madonna to Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus, it was all about being bold and flaunting their physique.

Instagram @Instylemagazine – Renee Zellweger

Here’s a timeline for this trend:


1984 – Madonna wears a lace bustier on the album cover for Like A Virgin.

1990 – Madonna dons the John Paul Gaultier corset Blonde Ambition tour.

1996 – Princess Diana gives slip dresses the royal seal of approval.

1996 – Sporty spice makes wearing a sports bra as a top a thing.

1998 – Carrie Bradshaw (styled by Patricia Field) makes a visible bra a must-have style.

2002 – Christina Aguilera releases the video clip for ‘Dirrty’ and flaunts her underpants.

2018 – Kim Kardashian popularizes the trend for wearing lingerie bodysuits with trousers and skirts.

2019 – Kim again wears her underwear, this time popularizing the current trend for lace bike shorts.


From hard-hitting topics to ramps and runways, there was a lot the designers had to say. With corsets, underwear and bralettes worn on top of dresses, there was a progressive and confident vibe on the runways. From Versace’s multi-way bralettes under blazers, Brock Collection’s visit to Victorian corsets and necklines brought back the past. Dion Lee too added corsets over trousers as an outwear. One thing was clear, the corset was no longer supposed to blend in but surely meant to stand out.

AW 19/20: Versace & Dion Lee

Lingerie was no longer supposed to be only worn inside, but to be proudly shown about. Whether in hints or layering, it’s all up for grabs. While Olivier Theyskens’s collection comprised of literal bodice and brassiere outfits, Simone Rocha’s collection was a combination of intimacy, and privacy, security and insecurity. Jonathan Simkhai added silk slips over trousers and see-through clothing with numerous lace dresses that accentuated the curves of the wearer. The theme, women empowerment was clear across the boards.

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Celebrities Choice

A trend based on styling was a popular choice for both red carpet looks and casual outfits. From Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid ruling this trend, there was also Zendaya’s jaw-dropping red carpet look. Tracee Ellis Ross, Vanessa Hudgens and Renne Zellweger were all set to support and be a part of this rebellion. On the home front, Anaya Panday, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’Cruz were also seen taking part in this trend movement.

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Our Collection

Inspired by the ‘inner is the new outer’ trend, we created a range in gold to match the rebel in you. With a lateral take, our collection includes 3-D structures forming conceal-and-reveal designs. With cutwork and folds, it’s the ideal addition for all your casual moods. Check out what we have in store for you!

Curvy Cuts Ring
Robe Resist Danglers
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So, don’t bow down but stand up this Autumn-Winter 2019/20, with your own style of inners as outers. The time to shy is gone and it’s time to grab the day with your own style!

Check out our #FreeTheInner Collection!

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