AW 19/20: Alphabet Jewellery in Gold! #Enamel

Gold jewellery has always been known as chunky, expensive and, let’s face it, pretty traditional. But in today’s time when we want our jewellery to be as versatile as we are, who needs gold right? We disagree! ‘Cause now, gold, is also trendy!

Moving away from all things gold has always been associated with, we’re all about bringing in the new. With lightweight, affordable and trendy designs, we’re bringing in change that you can add to your wardrobe, on any given day. Gone are the days of searching for fashion jewellery for your outfits! Because it’s time to include gold to your daily wear. Whether it’s for work, casual or that dance party.

And blending in these three factors, we’ve come up with something new. Remember the time when we used to get those beads with alphabets? There was an entire trend of those and we definitely couldn’t get enough of them! But the downside? They would fade or break or worse leave their colour marks on our skin. Now That was surely something we didn’t pay for.

But, what if those alphabets were….*drumroll please* in gold?!

Now that’s what we’re talking about! After all the troubles we used to take to spell our name or that someone special in our lives, and be able to wear them, we believe that, after that long process, it should totally be value-for-money. So, we decided to take this challenge up! Inspired from those name initials we so lovingly created, we combined it with gold plus enamel, (yes, colours!)! Now we have an entire range that would be oh-so-PERRRFECT for all our casual looks!

The Trend

So you may have seen the Neon trend lighting up the ramps, right? And also the red carpets? And even those airport looks! Phew! There was a burst of colours all across the globe. But so-damn-fantastic too! From Kendall Jenner, Brie Larson to Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif, it was raining neon colours all over. Also, in case you missed it, Saint Laurent’s ramp show was nothing short of illuminating. Taking inspiration from all the ramps and photoshoots, we’ve taken the idea of casual neon clothing and translated them into fine jewellery like never before. (See: Fluoro Pop)

And, taking it one step further, we combined these bright poppy shades to those alphabets! Now love is visible (for you, or for you) around your neckline or even in your ears, in abstract forms and bright hues! Finally initials in a form, minus the difficulties.

Check out these designs you can definitely include in your collection!

Letter M – for musical nights or even those meetings!

Merry Cherie Bangle

Letter K – for those Koffee with Karan reruns or kickboxing classes!

Knot A Lot Danglers

Letter N – for those ‘Nothing-can-stop-me’ days!

Native Neon Bracelet

Letter T – because there are always theme parties to attend or even a date night!

Top to Tone Ring

Letter P – for those brunch parties or just about all parties. Period.

Peek A Sneak Ring

Letter A – for those daily affairs to take care of or those afternoon drinks plan!

All Aboard Studs

Letter S – for those Sangria nights or maybe Salsa ones!

Subtle Mattle Studs

Letter H – For those happy-go-lucky casuals you love to flaunt!

Happy Tangerine Pendant

So, we’re guessing you’ve gotten the letter you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s a love letter to your self or your bae, make sure to add some gold this season to their collection! An ideal casual pair up, it’ll definitely shine through – Day and Night!

Check out our entire Fluoro Pop Collection here!

AW 19/20: Alphabet Jewellery in Gold! #Enamel
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AW 19/20: Alphabet Jewellery in Gold! #Enamel
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