AW21/22: Colour Me Lilac! #TrendAlert

This Autumn Winter 2021 is all lilac, lavender, and work-ready! Embrace lilac like love, and laugh with its beautiful shades.


Lilac – the colour of royalty! This colour has made a subtle yet startling come back this season with an energetic mood to “go back to work – in style!” While most of the shades this AW 21/22 are a little more saturated and rich, there is also a ton of pale lilac and lavender to witness. This pretty hue popped up on runways in every way possible. 

Lilac Trend
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As subtle as this trend is, this season, it takes a high road to monochrome. With not so much of glitter and glam, it still wins the attention of everyone. For all the muted shade and monochrome lovers, it’s glam already! From lilac shade suits to wide-leg trousers or even a floaty midi dress, this purple tone-down is a hit! The fashion this fall says – why not try a li’ mix here and a match there with denim jeans and lilac tees, or go lilac all over!

Lilac On The Ramps!

Lilac was reigning all royal on the runway! While Jil Sanders chose all exquisitely tailored suit-up, Marques Almeida goes a little light on the silhouette and puffed-up on the sleeves. Brand Casablanca did find a retro middle ground pairing tailored pants with little pops on top! 

Undoubtedly, Mr Self Portrait gave us the best monochrome co-ord goals – with lilac! Oscar de la Renta embraced the funky need of the Gen Z. Its collection shows the perfect blend of funky cut-outs with single lilac hued dressing. The designers on the ramps and runaways couldn’t keep away from this lovely lavender shade.

Toned Down Celebs!

Celebrities, as always were the biggest advocates of this new fashion trend. With lilac blooming in the Falls 2021, celebs took the lilac fields to grumpy roads! Giusy Busemi and Mila Kunis gave the ‘back-to-work’ vibe a lively colour with lilac pants and black top! Be it The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s deep lavender blazer or Ellie Goulding’s satin-smooth look, it was soft-lavender love all over! From Alexa Chung’s embellished suit-up to Scarlet Johanson’s subtle lilac top – gave meaning to back to work and back from work – pretty well! 

On the home front too, it was full bloom lilac all around! While Mostly Sane’s Prajakta Koli’s dress with puffed-up sleeves gave a blooming lilac vibe, Huma Qureshi’s subtle lavender suit-dress was a vibe in itself! Our new influencers celebs like Ahsaas Channa and Barkha Singh also experimented with lilac in all styles possible. Sonakshi Sinha’s lavender dress took all glam road, Sonam Kapoor’s casual silhouette was cosy to eyes! Shradhha Kapoor is also blooming in her lavender dress. It says pretty well that the sky is lively lilac indeed!


The Lilac Hues Collection

This AW21/22, it’s time to live it up with Lilac! With versatile shades for every mood, the toned down lavender love affair is visible on every outfit & silhouette. From suits to dresses, this Autumn-Winter 2021, get work-ready with a sprinkle of periwinkle! Taking inspiration from the clean and relaxed mood of this shade, we have created a range in gold with a soothing touch of enamel in Lilac & dainty floral forms for a minimal yet feminine look!

The Lilac Hues Mood Board
The Lilac Hues Mood Board


Designer’s Quote:

It’s a Lilac kind of love for Autumn-Winter 2021! Paint it versatile with a relaxed and collected vibe in sharp tailoring or even satin chic. Inspired by this fresh shade with its calm aura, we’ve created a range in gold with a hint of enamel, complete with a floral touch! Get work-ready with the magic of Lilac!

Check out some pieces for The Lilac Hues Collection

Lilac Hues Collection Lilac Hues Collection Lilac Hues Collection Lilac Hues Collection Lilac Hues Collection Lilac Hues Collection Lilac Hues Gold Ring

While you are all-heart to be drenched in Lilac, pair it up with this versatile tone touched up on Gold! Annnd, you’re all ready, set, glam!

Explore the entire Lilac Hues collection here!

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