Foolproof Gifting Ideas for Your Better Half!

Meeting your soulmate is like finding the missing piece of the puzzle. And what’s better than having your better half be your soulmate? This festive season, it’s time to let this better half know how much you cherish them. Be it sharing a cup of tea before sunset in solidarity or figuring out life’s plan together, the bond is a golden one, indeed! And shouldn’t this golden bond be cherished?

This festive season, let’s appreciate the enigma that is one’s better half. Gift her your love and let her know how much you adore her. And what’s a better way to appreciate this ‘golden’ bond but with a hint of gold? Gift trendy gold jewellery this season for a festive surprise like no other. And, if you’re wondering about the how to’s and what to’s, well, you’ve come to the right place. Let Melorra help you out! (We even have a curated section made for wives and girlfriends as well.)

Here are a few pointers to remember for a foolproof gifting surprise for your better half:

#1 Go with a Budget

Maintaining a fixed budget helps with shortlisting the countless options to choose from. Be it below Rs. 30,000 or above.

If you’re looking for jewellery under a budget, check out Melorra’s selection of diamond jewellery under Rs. 20,000 here.

Or shop gold jewellery under a budget here.

Rings for better half
Pattern O Love Diamond Ring
#2 Go with Style

Does your better half have a style preference? Is she more of a boss babe or perhaps a fitness lover? Pick the style you want to gift, work, casual or party and choose from the many looks!

Shop Work Looks here

Shop Casual Looks here

Shop Party Looks here

Golden Rain Gold Necklace
#3 Go with Fashion

Life reflects fashion, and fashion reflects life! Jewellery inspired by the latest style is trendy, versatile and chic. It’s not limited to any occasion, and it can be worn every day as well. If you’re looking for stylish, lightweight jewellery to gift, shop the trend inspired jewellery Melorra has to offer here.

Frill Seeker Gold Drops

Shopping for gold jewellery for your better half is a hassle-free experience indeed. And with Melorra, experience 21st-century gold jewellery shopping like never before! Shop trendy gold jewellery made for every day here!

Foolproof Gifting Ideas for Your Better Half!
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Foolproof Gifting Ideas for Your Better Half!
A guide to foolproof gifting for your better half this festive season! Gift gold jewellery that she will absolutely adore.
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