10 Looks to Try this Festive Month!

It’s almost the festive month! And that means it’s almost time to put your best-dressed foot forward for a best dressed festive month. And with the lockdown simmering down a little bit, perhaps we also have a chance to celebrate outside our homes as well. So buckle up for a season of fashion and festivities in the highest gear. ‘Cause this holiday season is going to be one to look out for, after all. Maybe it’s the opportunity to go out and about (finally!) or perhaps just the festive spirit, but we are here for it and definitely do not want to miss!

And what better way to celebrate than with some gold? This festive month add a shimmer of gold with a touch of dazzling diamonds for a holiday glow. From your office meetings to your coffee meets and family outings, a little bit o’ gold is what you need to add that finishing touch to all your looks! So let’s get you started with a few style ideas with gold for a month of fashion, festivities and fun!

Here are Ten Looks to Try this Festive Month

#1 For a Fun Outing with your Girls

Add the drama of a bit of frill to your girl gang gossip. And pair with the Frill Fantasy Gold Necklace for a festive glow.

Emily in Paris
IG @Ashleyparklady – Emily in Paris
Frill Fantasy Necklace
Frill Fantasy Necklace
#2 Office Parties

A golden suit is the perfect blend of work meets party. Pair with the Glitter Me Gold Drops to complete the look.

Instagram @Iamsandraohinsta
Glitter Me Gold Drops
#3 Coffee Dates

Floral body-con dresses are flirty, fun and date perfect! Roses, orchids, dahlias of daisies, take your pick and add a glint of gold with the Book Of Flowers Gold Hoops.

Insta @dolcegabbana
Book Of Flowers Gold Hoops
#4 Party All Night

What’s the festive season without a little party? Get groovy with some fringe on that mini dress and sparkle with the Fringe Fever Gold Ring.

Insta @Iamhumaq
Fringe Fever Gold Ring
#5 Office Meetings

Dress to impress at work with some crisp pleats. And look sharp with the Sleek Sonders Diamond Studs.

pleat red
IG @Victoriabeckham
Sleek Sonders Diamond Studs
#6 Family Outings

Co-ord sets in florals add a put-together chic vibe for sure. Pair with the Twinkle O Tulip Gold Bangle for a sophisticated vibe.

Instagram @Sonamkapoor
Twinkle O Tulip Gold Bangle
#7 Celebrations

There are bound to be celebrations by the dozen this month! So why not match the spirit of fun with the bling? Go for gold in a sparkly sequined dress or top and match it with the Sway With Sequins Gold Pendant.

IG @Gemmachan
Sway With Sequins Gold Pendant
#8 Dinners

Elegant dinner dates with some frills? Definitely! Match some soft layers of frill with the Swirl O Drama Gold Bracelet.

Instagram @Aslisona
Swirl O Drama Gold Bracelet
#9 Sunday Brunches

Shine at Sunday brunches in some Prints and Diamonds. Pair the Playin It Polygon Diamond Necklace with some tessellated geometric prints for an edge.

Instagram @Aashnashroff
Playin It Polygon Diamond Necklace
#10 House Parties

Be it hosting house parties or attending, add some fun with a little fringe in glitter. And match it with the Feel The Fringe Gold Ring!

IG @Aliceandolivia
Feel The Fringe Gold Ring

So if you’re feelin’ the festive vibe, what’s the wait? Channel your inner fashionista and create looks that groove to the festive spirit. And add a hint of gold for an extra glimmer! Shop Melorra for the trendy gold to match your fashionable ensembles with super fast shipping!

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10 Looks to Try this Festive Month!
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10 Looks to Try this Festive Month!
It’s almost the festive month! Which means it’s time to put your best-dressed foot forward. Here are Ten looks to try!
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