Bestsellers: Top 10 Jewellery Picks of The Week! #editorspicks

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The week has just begun, and so has our jewellery wishlisting! With 42 new designs every week, there is something for you to pick every day.

But, we understand too many options can get overwhelming, especially while buying gold online! So, we thought you’d like to know the list of top sellers, before they are all gone! Check’em out!

With the wedding season coming up, there’s a lot of scrolling and window shopping involved! Whether it’s a bridal shower, Thanksgiving dinner or even a day trip with your gals, you’re looking for the best of everything, preferably with minimum effort and 100% satisfaction and we’re here to give you just that.

We know you have your sources sorted out, broken down into various details that you need for outfit inspiration and matching shoes and handbag options. Filling up your phone gallery and your ensembles ready to be picture-perfect, it’s a search that is making your life easier and get you ready for the parties to be. But if you’ve not found your spot-on jewellery yet, we have a list that’ll make you go gaga and not call it junk (pun intended)!

Gold, daily? Really? When there are contemporary pieces that are not only inspired by the latest fashion trends but also focused on minimalism – YES!

Picking out the crème de la crème, we’re combining our 10 most popular gold and diamond jewellery that can be a part of all your occasions with absolute ease. Gone are the days of wearing gold on special occasions and locking them back. It’s time to wear them every day, everywhere and with every attire! With a range of gold pendants, gold bangles and even diamond rings, it’s a happy affair between fashion and shimmer that you’d love to flaunt.

#1. The Casa De Posy Gold Ring who’s floral motif will bring out your feminine side whether you pair it with a palazzo pant outfit or a flouncy dress!

#2. Pucker Up Gold Earrings that’ll prove to be the ultimate addition to Any black attire!

Gold Earrings Gold Jewellery

#3. The Cryptic Code Gold Bangle for those ultramodern ensembles!

Gold Bangle Gold Jewellery

#4. The Gold Entwined Gold Pendant that is perfect for your work to evening plans – Fri-Yay!

Gold Pendant Gold Jewellery

#5. The Arc Attack Diamond Studs that can be paired with just about anything. Actually, Everything.

Diamond Earrings Diamond Jewellery

#6. The D-Tucks Gold Ring that can add bling to any ensemble with ease. Inspired by the latest trend of Pleats, its design is as soon smooth as its finish!

#7. The Wheel Deal Diamond Bracelet for your subtle yet shiny first diamonds!

Diamond Bracelet Diamond Jewellery

#8. The Zig N Zag Gold Bangle with a little colour to jazz up your gold jewellery

Gold Bangle Gold Jewellery

#9. The Razzle Dazzle Diamond Ring that can be paired even with those pencil skirts and jumpsuits. Versatility at it’s best!

#10. The D-Tucks Gold Pendant to add a little texture and trend to your contemporary lifestyle!

Gold pendant gold jewellery

So, go ahead and pick up a piece that goes with all your ensembles or build a collection with these subtle yet trendy gold jewellery for this season of parties and weddings!
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Bestsellers: Top 10 Jewellery Picks of The Week! #editorspicks
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Bestsellers: Top 10 Jewellery Picks of The Week! #editorspicks
Bestsellers: Top 10 Jewellery Picks of The Week! #editorspicks
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