6 Global Fashion Trends, 6 New Jewellery Collections

At Melorra, we love a good fashion trend as much as the next fashionistas! So, when there is a new fashion season ready to hit the world stage, we grab the front row and immediately turn the inspirations into jewellery designs!

So now, that the global fashion scene is prepping for the massive year-end fashion gigs, we too have gone on a full-throttle jewellery designing spree.

Inspired by the latest fashion trends of Autumn Winter 2018-19, we’ve launched six new jewellery collections, which makes for over 350 new jewellery options this season! Could you ask for more? Yes! We went a step further by making these jewellery pieces not just minimal, fabulous and fun, but also absolutely trendy, in the real sense of the word! Now That covers everything.

The reason behind these fashion inspirations are simple – we want to provide real gold and diamond jewellery options for the modern woman! So that, she can team them with her ever-evolving western wardrobe. Jewellery should be worn every day, and given how westernised millennial woman’s wardrobe is today, she should get jewellery that is equally trendy, minimal and easy to wear/carry every day!

Moreso, with an influx of global fashion brands into the Indian market, fashionistas today are aware of what’s in and what’s not. Hence, she is mindful of what is trendy to wear when and how! Her shopping choices and splurges are heavily influenced by the numerous runway trends. Hence, we believe, when fashion trends can sway and influence a woman’s wardrobe choice so much, why shouldn’t it trickle down to her jewellery aka accessory choices, as well? And, that is exactly why we do what we do!

Now that we’ve given you a showdown about our fashion-inspired jewellery collections, here’s the line-up of this season’s newest jewellery pieces, displayed side-by-side with its runway’s master trend counterpart:

1. Disco Sequins Collection – An all gold jewellery line

2. The Fringe Shimmer collection – The sparkly party-ready diamond and gold collection

3. The Flower Bouquet Collection – Gold Jewellery with fab enamel detailing, for that perfect touch of colour

4. The Knife Pleats Collection – All gold collection that’s sleek and shiny

Gold pendant melorra.com

5. The Denim Collection – Gold with Gemstones collection to make casual, chic again!Gold Rings Melorra.com

6. The Scarf Print – An all gold jewellery with intricate motifs


Gold Earrings Melorra.com

While having lined up these fab collections for you, on the flipside, we also understand your jitters about buying gold online or even consider looking at diamond jewellery online.  Which is why, we have a super easy 30-day return policy. Don’t like what you got? We’ll pick it right back from your doorstep. No questions asked! We promise.

So, go ahead and place your orders now, and be ready to make your season’s fashion debut! 

6 Global Fashion Trends, 6 New Jewellery Collections
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6 Global Fashion Trends, 6 New Jewellery Collections
6 Global Fashion Trends, 6 New Jewellery Collections
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