Style the Knits of Your Wardrobe! #StyleTips

When the winter sets in, a girl’s best friend becomes knitwear, without a doubt. The ultimate comfy clothing for outdoors and indoors, it’s The clothing that spells out C-o-z-y like nothing else.

We’re constantly looking for comfort clothing or more on the lines of boyfriend shirts that make a statement, but always with ease. And let’s face it, we all have that one favourite knit that we wear every day as soon as we can get home and just snuggle into it. The kind of knit that you want to wear all the time….we know you just floated away.

While the knit trend is taking over the ramps and runways of the world, there’s a whole lot of comfort plus chunky knits going around. From ribbed, argyle to dual colour tones, colour block and even jumbo knits, there was a knit fever going around and we couldn’t have been happier. It’s all about Not feeling the chill after all.

So while we’re all fawning over the trend and looking out to grab that perfect knit (or already wearing it) we decided to come up with the various ways you can style this super comfy trend for all your looks! Whether it’s about a workday dressing or a casual evening out (maybe close to a bonfire), here’s what we suggest:

The Cool Casuals

Knits and casuals have always gone hand in hand. So if you’re looking to spend a casual day out with your peeps, all you have to do is add on a chunky knit sweater or even a long and loose one on your denim, pair it up with flat boots or brogues and you’ll be good to go. Tie your hair up or let it loose, the pair up will surely grab attention. Plus, for jewellery, all you need is a pretty pendant like our Knit Bit & Knit Knot and you’re all set to hang out!

Knit Bit and Knit Knot Pendants

The Office Knits

When it comes to formal wear, there’s definitely an office AC hell-bent to freeze us over. So a knit is the new must-have. You can choose to add on a cardigan on a formal shirt or even pick up turtleneck knitwear topped with a blazer that’ll keep you warm – yet fall under your crisp formals. Tuck it in your trousers or denim while pairing it with a pair of flats or comfy heels. For jewellery add on, you have a variety of options. Choose a sleek pair of studs, like our Knot in Knit or a bracelet like Knit Me Not and you’ll be good to go!

The Knot in Knit Studs and Knit Me Not Bracelet

The Knotty Party

When it comes to party looks, yes, there’s a knit for that too! Pick out a solid dress and add on a cutwork knit poncho that’ll create a statement. You can also choose a knit dress that will flaunt your physique while also keeping you cosy. Pair it up with long boots or a pair of stilettoes and you’re party-ready! Let your hair down for the evening and add stack your rings like our Knit Me Knot and Knit Lit and pair it up with danglers like Knit Detail or Versatile Knits and paint the town pink!

The Knit Me Not Ring and Knit Detail Danglers

So while you’re figuring out your knit way to go, also make your jewellery as trendy as your wardrobe! Add on the knit to your jewellery with our collection and flaunt your winter style.

Check out our Knitted Collection here!

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