Body Chain Fashion is Back: Check out our Fashionable Chain Collection! #TrendAlert

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? 

Perhaps we are all guilty at some point in our lives where we have let ourselves shrink to make someone else comfortable, or perhaps we have tried to fit in a circle when the heart wanted to run away, or are we guilty of smiling at things that are not funny and not speaking our hearts when deep down it was against our judgements?

Well, this is that kind of guilt that will never die, even though sometimes it might fade. But there are things such as guilty pleasures, and time and again, we might agree that indulgence as such is great for the heart, such as indulging in fashion and elevating the closet. Melorra’s Fashionable Chain Collection is inspired by Body Chains. This season’s runways bring back memories of the 1990s with the hottest collection of body chains, which aren’t just an accessory for the beach wear but can also be paired with everyday casuals to make you look fashionable!

Celebs Embracing Body Chain Fashion 

Seeking inspiration from our most adored celebrities, this season prepare to flaunt and enhance your beauty with our super stylish jewellery, as this trend promises to leave everyone speechless. From Hollywood divas to top runway models, it has inspired one and all.

Rihanna was seen flaunting a chic body chain adorning her baby bump, and we can’t help but gaze at her super bold style. Hailey flaunted a casual look with her athleisure wear and looked super cool. Anushka was spotted in a chic gown paired with a body chain and we can feel the temperature rising already!


Inspired by the cool trend of body chains and their attractive sway, we have created a range in gold and diamonds that captures the essence and beauty of the out-of-the-box accessory. A brand-new collection of hand harnesses is introduced, among others.

Give people a reason not to forget you! Keep reading to find out how:

  • Pair this dainty Braid On Fleek Necklace with your cut-out dress for a lovely ensemble!
  • You may make heads turn by wearing our statement bracelets. Add this lovely Pop Drop Gold Bracelet with your rhinestone-studded jeans and a crop top.
  • This dainty body chain-inspired Kinda Linked Diamond Earrings are super sleek and can be paired with a casual shirt and high-waisted trousers for an elegant look.
  • Rings never fails to elevate your style. Wear this beautiful Chained Up Gold Ring with a ball chain motif and make your fashion statement a notch higher with an oversized shirt, sneakers, and cycling shorts.
  • This Beyond Dreams Gold Bangle is a classic piece that you can pair with your floral top and wrap skirt and enhance your femininity.
  • Exude an impeccable style with the beautiful Wrap Sody Gold Bracelet and surprise them all!
  • This glamorous Peek a Boo Gold Pendant will style up your everyday look!

The Fashionable Chain Collection is all about the vogue, and never letting your shimmer down as the mood is just about standing out and a look-at-me vibe! So bold, so sassy! The jewellery speaks for itself with its intricate details, the hanging charms, and the swaying stylish approach.  

You have all the reasons to be in the spotlight with the new collection launch that is explorative and extroverted. This season is all about flaunting the urbane you.

Why not? 

We are here to keep you stylish while being the most attractive version of yourself. Explore the latest collections to stay fashionable at all times!

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