5 Simple Hoop Earrings for Your Casual Looks! #StyleTips

Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.

————Jennifer Lopez

The hoop earring by far is the most culturally significant style of earring than any other. It played a pivotal role in the ‘60s Black Lives Matter Movement, symbolizing strength and unity as African American women proudly displayed their culture.

In the Asian culture, it is often viewed as a tool to ward off evil. In India, many Hindu gods are depicted wearing them, signifying a sense of divinity to them.

No matter what history says, in the present day hoop earrings are nothing less of a fashion statement.  They are without a doubt the hottest must-have piece of jewellery in 2022.  Over the decades, multiple reemergence of this archetype earring has led to creation of a multitude of its variations. This means you can adopt this trend regardless of your personal style.

With Melorra, embrace the latest styles in hoop earrings inspired from global fashion trends. We know that you like to change it up when it comes to fashion. So, whether it’s your denims, playsuits or skirts, we have a hoop that fits your current mood!

The Hoop Earrings Trend is also Popular in OTT!

Hoops of different sizes, textures and design are ubiquitous among influencers and celebrities alike. Fashion influencers around the globe have accepted the trend with open arms. These aren’t just your commonplace round hoops, they range from different geometric to abstract shapes, sometimes even encrusted with precious stones and pearls.

Here are some of our favourites from this season!

Komal Pandey in thick gold hoops, paired with chain link necklace and bracelets. Yet another blazing hot trend of the year.

Masaba slayed the power suit look paired with oversized hoops in the latest season of Netflix.

Ashan Shroff played up her date night outfit with an ornate multi strand hoop earring.

Gigi Hadid kept it simple in a neon green ensemble teamed with small encrusted gold hoops and a top bun.

Don’t wait around, get your staple hoop here at Melorra. Check out these five simple hoop earrings from our trend-inspired jewellery collection for your casual wear looks!

Prime Time Gold Earrings

This is the classic oversized gold hoop style that has prevailed the test of times. It is a yellow high polish yellow gold hoop with a plain circular pattern. This is the ideal accessory for a flawless vintage look. Pair them with your everyday denims, dungarees or a summer dress, wrap your hair up in half bum and tada! your very own chic casual look! These can also give you the perfect boho vibes, when paired with head scarves or breezy printed blouses.

Hither Loops Diamond Earrings

We all love danglers right?! They add an idyllic aesthetic to your overall look. So we decided to introduce hoops to danglers in Hither Loops Diamond Earrings. This is a yellow gold high polish hoop with a dangling gold nugget attached to it. The surface is embedded with prong set diamonds with a rhodium plated finish. Easily pair with your work wear when the occasion calls for smart casuals.  Your date nights are going to be sorted with earrings, that will turn up the wow factor!

Loop De Hoop Diamond Earrings

Diamond hoops are the ideal way to add a touch of elegance to any casual wear.  Loop De Hoop Diamond Earring is a rhombus-shaped high polish yellow gold hoops with linear prong set diamonds streak on the front façade. Mid size hoops that will spruce up your outfit instantly!

Rhyme Riot Gold Hoop Earring

A yellow gold high polish hoops that have a leaf shaped pattern with multiple folds and one strand enameled in Red and Orange shades. Unlike the typical round hoops, this one is a little on the quirky side. A fun, peppy piece that will bring out the free spirited soul within you! Style them with your brunch outfits or cropped blazers. Throw on a crew neck Tee with a pleated skirt, top off with  the Rhyme Riot Gold Hoop Earring and pack on the accolades that are sure to come your way.

Artsy Accents Gold Earrings

This one for those who love to taste a little drama in their everyday life. Small hoops are often overlooked as too simple or boring. The Artsy Accents Gold Earring is here to add some pizazz back in them. It is a yellow gold high polish hoop that has multiple dangling strands in a symmetric order. They pair great with oversized shirts and wide legged pants.  Flaunt them with body con dresses coupled with your favourite pair of sneakers.

Initially shunned for being too “ghetto”, hoop earrings sure have scraped their way into being adored and adorned by  everyone.

Check out the latest range of hoop earrings and stay ahead of style always!

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