Budget-Friendly Diamonds Under 20k!

‘Shine bright like a diamond’ or ‘shine on me crazy diamond’, there’s a diamond song that we all love. So why shouldn’t we adore jewellery too?!

Diamonds have been the talk of the town (and even music) since forever. And more than that, they’ve been a part of every woman’s dream too! We all have that one diamond that we’ve fallen for and imagined ourselves wearing it. Something that maybe we bought for ourselves or one that was a gift! That doesn’t change the diamond stance! But but but… why should diamonds be only dreamt about?

Diamond jewellery is no longer just a dream or a part of our bucket list! But right here, in our budget and even more so, ready for our wardrobes! Gone are the days when diamond jewellery was of the traditional kind and not really suitable for everyone, diamonds are now for everyone! Without making a hole in our pockets, of course! So whether you love stacking diamond rings or adding a little heart to your jewellery box, here’s your chance!

Keeping it real, we’ve listed out some of our best ones that too on a budget! With diamonds under Rs. 20,000, this is what you shouldn’t miss out on!

#1. The Plaid of Hearts diamond studs for a little check play that goes on all-day-long!

Plaid of Hearts diamond studs

#2. The Brave N Blanc diamond pendant to show off your love for nature with a little sparkle!

Brave N Blanc diamond pendant

#3. The Dangle Triangle ring that adds the party mood to any outfit – And definitely dazzle your style.

Dangle Triangle ring

#4. The Spangle Triangle diamond bracelet to add a little fun to your glitterati party! Or just for an interview too. Who says bracelets can’t be versatile?

Spangle Triangle diamond bracelet

#5. The Tartan Heart pendant that it’s the heart – diamond style. The perfect add-on for those spaghetti tops and shrug pairings. Or even a blazer!

Tartan Heart diamond pendant

#6. The Petit-o-Pretty studs for a little floral add-on to that crisp white shirt. From interviews to presentation day, it’s going to be THE earrings to pick up.

Petit-o-Pretty studs

#7. The Crush-o-Check open-top ring for all those coffee runs and brunch plans with your girls. ‘Cause why shouldn’t diamonds have some fun?

Crush-o-Check open-top ring

#8. The Wings of Glitter pendant to flaunt your free-spirited cheery vibe all across! Match it up with your flowy dresses, and you’re going to be the style diva Everywhere. Promise.

Wings of Glitter pendant

#9. The Hexa Fab ring to pair for a little geometry and a little symmetry. Maths gets a whole lot attractive when it’s in diamonds! *wink

Hexa Fab diamond ring

#10. The Check Choice studs to match with your caz-cool flannel outfits. Whether it’s a little hiking or a bike driving day, this is the pair for you!

Check Choice studs

So order in the diamond for you, without developing a hole in your pocket! ‘Cause after all, why shouldn’t diamonds be a part of our every day?! Let go of the old and embrace the new, in all it’s glitter, sparkle, shimmer!

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Budget-Friendly Diamonds Under 20k!
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Budget-Friendly Diamonds Under 20k!
Shine bright like a diamond or shine on me crazy diamond, there's a diamond song that we all love. So why shouldn't we adore jewellery too?!
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