SS’20: Bingeing on Bermuda Suits! #TrendAlert

‘Cut it Short’, ‘Short cuts’ and ‘cool cuts’ have been the call of the ramps this Spring-Summer 2020. After all the biker shorts rage that we saw last season, there’s a new version in town! The Bermuda suits!

This season workwear took a turn towards the casual-cool vibe with a Bermuda trend. Also known as mom shorts, these usually hover around the knee and is THE vacation outfit since the 40s. This trend took off during the 30s and 40s where this style was in sync with the yachting, resorting lifestyle of the elite. During the same time, Claire McCardell translated these styles for activities like gardening and exercise. These shorts came under the limelight during the 50s again, in full plaid form for grad students. Not that’s versatility at it’s best!

Shout out to the 90s kids, where Laura Dern is wearing a khaki ensemble while she runs away from the dinosaurs (Jurassic Park – the original series) – And the rest as they say, was history.

It’s a Short Suit Summer

With all the background that the Bermudas set for itself, this season the ramps were all about this trend. Designers added their individual takes to this part 9-5, part California cool trend. Alberta Ferretti’s collection was an ode to the beach vibes and a very 70s look. From suede tops paired with a knee-length Bermuda to matching blazer and short combo, it reminded us of the cool waters and the salty beach wind (more than ever now). On the other side, there was Brandon Maxwell’s turn-of-the-century workwear. With blazers, short shorts and formal shirts, it was the ideal blend that could work from 9-9.

Chloe was all about layering with complementary shades and ankle boots, meanwhile, Dion Lee was the epitome of minimalism. With white and black shirts, monochrome stripe-suit and a little bit of leather, it was all about subtle wear. Dior’s Earthy tones anyway had us captured with their ambience. Making this trend a part of their show, the brand added stripes, embroidery, cute Raffia hats, and belts too, for an outdoorsy, nature vibe.

Givenchy picked up knee-length shorts and paired them with blazers and knitted tops – that too, in a head-toe monotone effect. Now that’s the kind of workwear we can break ceilings with! On the other hand, Max Mara was nailing the ‘short game’ with Polka dots, pastel tones, Earth tones, and yes greys and blacks. Giving a twist to the classic suit, it was a very three-piece short-suit love affair.

Maison Valentino took a turn for the sheers paired with this new suit format, while Staud presented loose shorts with bralettes and flip-flops – now that’s the kind of modest, cool but still professional look we can get on board with. Toga and Sportsmax also added their own takes to this confident trend.

Bermuda: Now in Business

After all the ramp love that Bermuda saw, the celebrities were quite keen to slip into their own versions of this. While Kate Upton adopted an Alberta Ferretti look, there was Charlotte Rampling ‘suiting in’ for Givenchy. Gigi Hadid too was flaunting her love for the Bermudas in all shades.

On the homefront too, from Maanvi Gagroo’s fluoro pop summer suit, Malaika Arora’s metallic one to Yami Gautam’s stripes-to-love and Ananya Pandey’s bralette cute-short-suit, one thing was clear. The short suit was here to say for a while.


Instagram @Gigihadid

The Cool 9 – 5!

After all the ramp love and celebrity love, we were all set to be a part of this cool crowd. With tailored styles, baggy shorts and cool cuts, we were feeling inspired! From knee-length Bermuda to short- shorts, there was a pairing set for all.

Make way for business in Bermuda this season! Inspired by these tailored styles and baggy shorts, we’ve created a range in gold and geometric patterns with cuts to match your new workwear style.

– Sheetal, Jewellery Designer

Here’s a ‘short’ peek into our collection! (Pun intended) 

summer suit short suit trend short suits summer short suitSo it’s time to get Summer ready with a new trend for work! And why not for a casual outing? Or even a zoom call party? Get set to trend with the Bermuda Suit, in not just clothes but jewellery too! Add a little gold to your short suit and you’re ready to step out *shades on.

Check out our entire Cool 9 to 5 collection here!


SS'20: Bingeing on Bermuda Suits! #TrendAlert
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SS'20: Bingeing on Bermuda Suits! #TrendAlert
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