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There is a shade of red for every woman.” – Audrey Hepburn

They say red is the colour of love, passion, often representing an intense emotion. A striking colour that stands out on most occasions, synonymous with power and confidence. 

Time and again fashion has put good use to this colour and the energy it garners. Whether that is the iconic soles of Louboutin shoes, the Valentino red dresses or the Cardinal red ruled over by Balenciaga, red is a colour that seems to never lose its charm.

It is said that Valentino Garavani was so enthralled by a woman in red dress at an Opera house that he set about creating the legendary line of red couture. He claims that red doesn’t just capture one’s attention, but it captures their heart.

And we couldn’t agree more! In tandem with the current mood of the fashion world, Melorra brings you The Flamboyant Red Collection featuring diamond and red garnet gemstone jewellery perfect for party wear. Step into every occasion with opulence of the red that exudes confidence.

Your party look just got an upgrade!

Paint it Red – Designer’s Exhibit

From Versace and Dolce & Gabbana to Alaia and Loewe, season designers put a modern twist on this regal colour. The design aesthetics ranged from futuristic designs to experimental silhouettes and over top elements like voluminous sleeves and dramatic. There was a mixture of matte and glossy Ferrari red ensembles that graced the ramps of many A-list designers.

The Flamboyant Red Collection

Inspired from the flaming hues of red seen on the ramps, we’ve created a powerful collection called The Flamboyant Red Collection that captures the magnanimity of this trend. A range of diamond and red garnet gemstone collection that tactfully highlights the red garnet for a regal look. A collection you cannot ignore and will soon be your go-to for those special evenings and occasions.
Here are some of our favourite picks from the collection –

There is red for every woman, but we say this red is for every woman. Pair this diamond necklace with off shoulder dresses, halter neck tops and stand out from the crowd. This necklace has a chain of multiple rhodium-plated interlinked square motifs encrusted with diamonds in the surface-prong setting. Three red garnet gemstones are placed in regular intervals superimposed by an angular rhodium square rim with a similar diamond setting.

Indian or western, no matter what your outfit for the occasion, this gemstone bracelet will fit right in. This bracelet has four pairs of triangular motifs. Two of them are studded with red garnet gemstones and the other two rhodium-plated pairs are encrusted with diamonds in the surface-prong setting. It has a fish lock for fastening.

Complete your cocktail look, with this red garnet gemstone ring. Style dresses, skirts of pants coupled with dangler earrings and matching bracelets. This finger ring has a red garnet studded triangular motif at the centre with diamonds encrusted on the rhodium plated rim in a surface prong setting.

Keep it simple, yet elegant with this red garnet pendant. Show some love to those sultry necklines with this piece. This pendant has a triangular red garnet gemstone with a rhodium plated triangular motif attached at the centre with diamonds in a surface prong setting.

Go for a monochrome look, and be the lady in red with these danglers. Pair with a dramatic red dress, bangle and stacked diamond rings. This pair drop earrings have two rhodium plated pentagonal motifs dangling from one another and encrusted with diamonds in the surface-prong setting.

Pair this with corset tops, flared dresses or skirts for an easy going, yet preppy look. The red garnet gemstones are interlinked by multiple rhodium-plated triangular motifs encrusted with diamonds in the surface-prong setting.

Celebs Flaunting Red

Red seems to be the mood for celebs all over. From Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid, from Deepika Padukone to Katrina Kaif, all were seen flaunting this vivacious red colour in a variety of ensembles.
Go ahead, join the red revolution this season! Get your hands on the latest collection that is brimming with vibrance. Elevate your party wear with dazzling pieces from it.
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