5 Trendy Gold Bangles for this Wedding Season! #StyleGuide


Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.

Giorgio Armani


The eagerly awaited wedding season has finally arrived! It brings with it the perfect opportunity to experiment with diverse looks. You can now try out the most vibrant festive looks coupled with jewellery featuring global fashion-inspired designs. Gold bangles can work wonders when looking to carry a gorgeous look that draws all eyes to you. Flaunting minimalist, timeless designs, these bangles are just what you need to add a touch of glamour and class to your look. Check out these trendy gold bangles by Melorra that will definitely make you the most memorable of all.


Get Ready to Be the Belle of the Ball

Are you looking to steal the show with your awe-inspiring look? Well, these gorgeous gold bangles are here to help you achieve your goal!

If you are searching for something that oozes elegance and sophistication, then you should certainly go for the stunning gold bangles. This beautiful and lightweight jewellery is crafted with high-quality 22 karat gold and meticulously polished to make its brilliance shine through. With a curved motif and two stripes joined together, this chic round bangle will not only elevate your wedding look but can also serve as perfect everyday jewellery.

Don’t believe that simply wearing bangles can do much for your overall look? Well, these breathtaking gold bangles will definitely prove you wrong. Made from high polish gold, this oval-shaped bangle is a masterpiece designed to capture the hearts of everyone around. Featuring multiple square-shaped motifs attached by circular motifs that serve as connectors, it can accent your style quotient regardless of the outfit you are wearing. Perfect for weddings, festive occasions, and casual events, it has one of the best gold bangle designs for daily use.

If you wish to opt for the classy, sophisticated look that puts you under the spotlight, then go for the beautiful gold bangles, which are crafted from the highest-quality 22 karat gold. This round bangle stands out due to its multiple rising sun motifs in a mesmerising cut-work pattern. Exquisitely designed to make all kinds of wedding looks infinitely more elegant and chic, it is an excellent example of global trend-inspired designs. Apart from being an incredible addition to your special occasions, this lightweight jewellery is also the perfect bangle for wearing daily. 

Those of you who need something glamorous and trendy to amp up your wedding look should check out the amazingly gold bangles. Made from 22 karat gold, this intricately designed accessory is just what you need to make jaws drop wherever you go. Flaunting a delicate fin motif that creates a sinusoidal wave pattern in the middle, this round-shaped bangle looks like a circle within a circle. Belonging to the inspired Mermaid Collection, it is the perfect piece of lightweight jewellery when looking for the most suitable gold bangles for daily use. Whether you are dressed in an evening gown or an embellished shrug with palazzo pants, this minimalist, timeless accessory is enough to make your look infinitely classier.

Do you want people to remember your jewellery even weeks later? If yes, then these gold bangles are exactly what you should wear. Crafted with 22 karat pure gold, this incredible round bangle is a part of the spectacular Floral Bloom Collection. It boasts a striking design featuring an alternate arrangement of straight and upside-down partial petals. Besides being a godsend for almost any wedding outfit you could choose, it also serves as an excellent addition to your everyday looks. For those seeking jewellery designs inspired by global trends, this is most definitely the way to go.

Rock Your Glam Look Effortlessly!

So much time and energy go into carefully picking out the best possible outfits and accessories to attend a wedding. With the wedding season finally at our doorstep, it’s time to decide how you’ll shine at the upcoming celebrations. Well, you’ll find the answer in some elegant bangles!
Who knew that all you needed to create some of the most magical wedding looks are some plain gold bangle designs for daily use, right? Just complete your wedding outfits with a pair of trendy gold bangles to outshine the rest.
Don’t limit yourself to weddings! Check out our entire range of bangles here! Pairing one of these gold bangles with any kind of outfit is enough to make you stand out amidst the crowd. These gorgeous bangles are also perfect for workwear and casual wear.
So, choose your favourite from the fashionable collection and add a little panache to your everyday life. 
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Shop @Melorra to flaunt your style side this wedding season!

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