Day Out with Our Furry Friends #Animalcollection #Shoutout

A big shout-out to everyone who have been showing us so much love! This week has been super special at the Melorra headquarters! Our Animal collection has been a runaway success and we had some super cute guests come around to celebrate it with us!

Confused? Okay, let us elaborate on what’s gotten us swaying on cloud nine, all week long! Reason number one – Our Animal Collection is selling out like hotcakes, yay! And, to top that, we had few adorable furry visitors, waging and pawing their way into our hearts. Don’t believe us – here’s the sneak peek!

Meet Mojo the Retriever, and 2-month-old twins – Teddy & Eddy!

Yay! It was a super awesome week, and we can’t stop gushing about what’s to come as well! It’s going to be festive, fashion-forward and fabulous

In the meanwhile, stay tuned, gear up for something big, fashionable and super trendy!

Shop for our Animal Collection here!

Day Out with Our Furry Friends #Animalcollection #Shoutout
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Day Out with Our Furry Friends #Animalcollection #Shoutout
Day Out with Our Furry Friends #Animalcollection #Shoutout
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