Don’t Believe Us? Hear It From The Fashionistas! #influencers

We can’t stress enough that jewellery should be a part of a woman’s everyday outfit. Which means, it should be trendy enough to complement her ever-evolving wardrobe.

This is why we draft new designs inspired by global fashion trend every single day! Trying to add to this wind of change – we make jewellery that are super minimal and absolutely affordable! So, why go after the fake, when you can flaunt the real deal, daily?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, hear it from our fab influencers to believe it!

#1 Belly Kanungo, Writer, Food & Lifestyle – YouTuber, Ex-RJ, Miss Indore’12

Totally obsessed with these minimalistic everyday jewellery pieces from @melorra_com. The bracelet feels so light and the earrings so comfortable to wear in my fast-paced lifestyle. Never thought real jewellery could be so trendy and lightweight at the same time. And the best part is their jewellery starts from 3000 INR, which is extremely affordable, isn’t it? Get yours now!

#2. Diksha Vohra – Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Jewellery has the power to be that one little thing that makes you feel unique and who said precious jewellery has to be boring? Well here is a brand that has
TREND INSPIRED GOLD AND DIAMOND JEWELLERY! @melorra_com brings to you the most exquisite designs of gold and diamond jewelry to make any woman feel beautiful and stylish as it is customized keeping in mind the contemporary woman plus their collections are inspired by season’s fashion trends and the best part is there jewellery starts at a minimal price of Rs 3000 only! So what better way to spend your Sunday than shopping some classy jewellery online! Happy shopping!


#3. Malvika Gupta, Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger 

Enjoying monsoons with a cup of coffee and some long discussions about beautiful jewellery with my bestie! Also, if you’re awestruck by my beautiful necklace, it’s from @melorra_com ,
Trend-inspired, affordable precious jewellery brand!! Yes its true, i love their designs!  Plus Plus, they launch 6 new designs every single day!!! Unheard of right?
Go check them out.
P.S: they have lifetime exchange + Return policy of 30 days!!

#4 Payal Gupta – Director- Payal’s Dance Academy, International Bellydance artist and mentor

Well, Diamonds surely are my best friends & Diamonds are for every day. So simple yet so beautiful- defines my style of Jewellery & @melorra_com delivers just that! These diamond earrings are a must wear for literally every day & every occasion & absolutely affordable!

#5 Priya Thalur Balaji – Lifestyle and fitness blogger, parenting influencer

Do I wear jewellery? NO, Trust me when I say most of my jewellery are part of my wedding trousseau. But these lovely light weighted designs by Melorra are definitely a great buy for women looking for elegant everyday wear. They pretty much go with everything you wear.

Now, it’s your turn to start the Melorra Chapter, Click Here!

P.S: Call/ Whatsapp us for everything on jewellery, fashion and more.



Don't Believe Us? Hear It From The Fashionistas! #influencers
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Don't Believe Us? Hear It From The Fashionistas! #influencers
Don't Believe Us? Hear It From The Fashionistas! #influencers
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