10 Gold Jewellery Designs for All Things Nature!

We’re celebrating our biodiversity in full force! And while we’re at it, we’re also discussing how nature continues to inspire us! June 5 – World Environment Day is here, and this year, the theme is “Celebrate Biodiversity” and act #ForNature. With all the climate changes going around us, one thing is clear. That change is […]

10 Earring Styles for Your Workwear #styletips

While picking out earrings for casuals or party is a pretty comfortable task, pairing those with your work becomes a little tricky. What if it looks too much? What if my boss comments? And many more what-ifs… But what if, you match them perfectly? In today’s time where women are all set to embrace their […]

10 Rules of Stacking Up Gold Jewellery! #Styletips

From individual strands to matching sets, gold has always been a pairing idea for special occasions. However, we couldn’t disagree more! Why Shouldn’t gold be for all day, every day and that too in a stack up? Although stacking up sounds like fun, it’s an experiment that we all hesitate with. Will it be too […]

5 Things to Check Before Buying Gold Jewellery – Besides the BIS Hallmark!

When it comes to buying gold jewellery there are a lot of ifs and buts that need to be resolved before you take the final call. The purity, its bis certification and most of all the design. And with our busy lifestyle, it’s all the more important that it goes with All our outfits! Among […]

Let the Pastel Gemstones Take Over! #Newlaunch

After the OTT binge on all things ruffles, colours and prints, it was time to mellow down a little. That too, with pastels! Although, not too mellow either – ’cause they’re going head-to-toe this season! Taking inspiration from all the boilersuits and the power woman looks, pastels this season are softer, subtler and smoother. From […]

How to Find Your Ring Size – Read On!

One of the most common questions – how do I measure my ring size at home/ or by myself? And often, we direct them to our (super awesome) customer support professionals, who would then walk them through the entire process of measuring their ring size, accurately. But we thought, why not put it up here […]

S/S 19: Something Gold, Something Wild! #Newlaunch

Make way for the wilderness! Kicking off our Spring Summer 2019/20 season with a ‘howl’, we’re all about the jungle and that too, with all the gadgets! It’s time to flaunt those earthy tones in all their glory! Fashion goes casual this SS-19/20 with the Modern Safari trend, where adventure meets sophistication. Picking up tones […]