Ease Into The Animal Fashion Trend and Rock Your Casual Look Wherever You Go! #TrendAlert 

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman” – Coco Chanel

The autumn/winter styles we have seen so far are more than reminiscent of classic fashion trends. Fashion is cyclical, and it’s no surprise that we would see some favourites being recalled from time to time.

One such trend that has been hiding behind the bushes to make an appearance is the animal fashion trend. After a few seasons of non attendance on the ramps, AW 22 was flustered with a variety of animal prints. People have reveled in this maximalist fashion since time immemorial, enjoying the air of confidence and poise that it brings. 

So, don’t just stop at coats and blouses this season, grab some lightweight, trend-inspired jewellery to go with them. At Melorra, we have stylish everyday fine jewellery in line with current trends that will add some pizzazz to your casual outfits. Taking inspiration from the global fashion trend, we’ve created The Animal Print Collection in gold and diamonds.


Let’s Embrace the Animal Print Trend- Designer’s Exhibit

While the likes of Giambattista Valli and Roberto Cavalli brought to life leopard prints, tiger stripes, and snake prints in their long swaying coats, jackets, and cage dresses, designers such as Dries Van Notten, Alaia, and Comme Des Garcons went a step ahead of the standard leopard prints by showcasing zebra stripes in a new light.

Celebs Roar in Style

From the Kardashian clan to Bollywood, animal print is ruling the wardrobes of celebs everywhere.

Heidi Klum, Jacqueline, Katy Perry and Kanye West were spotted showing off leopard print in their own distinct styles. While Jacqueline flaunted her curves in a satin strap dress, Kim went maximalist with head-to-toe in animal print, whereas Heidi rocked the casual chic look in an oversized shirt and relaxed pants. 

Zebra stripes seemed to be the go to choice for celebs like Elvana Gjata, Pooja Hegde, Nora Fatehi, and Neha Dhupia, while Jennifer Lopez looked sharp in her snake print jacket and heeled boots.

About The Animal Print Collection

Animal fashion has a shaky past, from being representative of social status to being called out for animal cruelty. The new age, however, has shattered the barriers to bring us a piece of these trends in a less controversial manner.

Inspired by this nostalgic, bold, and extravagant trend, we bring you a collection of everyday gold jewellery to spruce up your casual wear. Each design embodies the dauntless tone of the animal prints that were spotted on the runways. A range of gold and diamond jewellery that will turn heads and embolden you all day, every day!

Here are some top selections for you from this latest collection:

Wild Maze Pendant

Embrace the essence of animal fashion with this pendant that is reminiscent of leopard claws. This high polish yellow gold pendant has a curved motif inspired by the wild features of animals placed on the cable chain. Pair this with collared shirts, denims or even satin dresses .

Exotic Power Earrings

Your perfect everyday stud gold earrings—versatile and easy to wear. Simple yet daring designs make it a must have piece from our latest collection. These high polish yellow gold studs have ferocious claw-like animal motifs of three different sizes attached to the post, inspired by the rawness of wild animals.

Exotic Power Bangle

Animal fashion may be a maximalist trend, but this piece is bound to please both extremes of the fashion spectrum. A high polish yellow gold round bangle that comes in a curvy shape motif. Let this bangle be the cherry on top of your everyday chic look.

Wolverine Necklace

Diamonds are the best way to add some sparkle to a mundane Monday! What could be better than a bold diamond necklace? This diamond necklace has an extended rhodium-plated curvy motif with diamonds in a surface prong setting inspired by the animalistic features of the wild wolf. Pair them with your sultry necklines, dresses, and more.

Candid Cannies Ring

Whether you are out shopping or getting a coffee, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do it in style. This is a high polish yellow gold finger ring that has two rhodium-plated magnet-shaped motifs with prong settings that depict animalistic features. Style this ring with simple diamond studs and a pendant and dazzle the world.

Solitary Hunter Bracelet

Not the one for bangles? Well, then, this gold bracelet is the perfect choice. Simple yet striking, this will surely elevate your outfit from workaday to elegantly fierce. Pair this with knitted long sleeve tops, denim, or even plaid mini skirts for the vintage vibe.


Go on, get your hands on the Animal Print Collection right away. Flaunt this season’s fierce, brazen, and striking fashion!

Check out more pieces from our latest collections as well!

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