5 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewellery

5 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery is known to be trendy, classy, fashionable, minimal and contemporary. Diamonds come in various designs, be it a necklace, pendant, earrings, bangles or bracelets. And, when it comes to Melorra, the wide range of diamond jewellery is sure to make you stand out from the rest.

So, taking care of them is essential to keep their shine on; hence knowing a few tips can be handy.

Keep the shine of your diamonds intact with these workable tips

Here are some tips to keep your Melorra’s lightweight diamond jewellery shiny always.

  • Keep them away from certain particles

Keep in mind that you have to avoid oil or cosmetics at all costs because they might loosen the prongs and destabilise the stone. Also, do not wear it while showering or while you are swimming in a pool because the chlorine in the water is not good for the diamonds. The same applies to the shampoo as well. Also, avoid them while using makeup as it makes the appearance of the jewellery quite dull. If you are wearing a diamond pendant like Crest Appeal Diamond Pendants, it is a good idea to store them in a small compartment in your bag or clutch, where it can stay safe without getting any scratches.

There are diamond styles for casual wear, you can check them out here.


  • Use appropriate cleaners

You can’t let them get all greasy and dirty. Your lightweight jewellery is a thing of care. It needs to be looked after daily. Hence, soak your diamond ornaments for around half an hour or an hour before you start cleaning them. This will help to remove the loose particles on the surface. For cleaning the innards of the diamond jewellery, especially while cleaning intricate diamond stud earrings like the Wilderness Diamond Stud Earring, take a soft toothbrush and a gentle cleaning liquid to remove the oil and dirt entirely.

But if you don’t have a cleaner, you can either use water or a dishwashing liquid solution. Or, you could use toothpaste. You could also use ammonia and cold water. Baking soda and warm water work too. Use a lint-free, soft fabric and clean your jewellery gently. You may ask about the maintenance, and a few other important questions while buying diamond jewellery.


  • Store diamond jewellery separately from other ornaments

Your diamond jewellery has been cleaned. Now you need to store it in a safe box. But what sort of storage are you using to keep your diamond jewellery? The box needs to have a soft inner layer of cushion that does not scratch the jewellery in any way.

If you can then wrap it in a tissue before boxing them, it would be the best form of protection for your diamonds. Make sure your lightweight diamond jewellery is not stored with hard ornaments so that there is no risk of getting a scratch. Every baby needs its home. Likewise, every piece of jewellery needs its place in the jewellery box, especially the ones like the Cable Comfy Diamond Bracelets since they are delicate.


  • Get it repaired and polished by a jeweller every year 

Your diamondjewellery requires regular maintenance to keep its shine and glamour intact. Look carefully at the structure of the diamond jewellery. Are there any jagged ends? These could scrape or scratch the diamond and destroy its look. So you need it to be taken care of immediately. Polish it so that it can retain its shine. Slender and lightweight diamond bracelets like the Cable Comfy Diamond Bracelets always require regular maintenance, so take them to a jeweller every year.


  • Keep it away from moisture

The only thing you need to be careful about diamond jewellery is keeping it away from water. Moreover, water is an enemy for all sorts of jewellery. We recommend you check your diamond jewellery at all times and dry it out if it has any sort of moisture. If it is a Double Subtle Diamond Ring that you are wearing, then make sure that you clean it and store it in a dry place.

Now, apart from the maintenance tips, you should also know the process of picking up diamond jewellery. It will help you to find the perfect one.


Flaunt your diamonds by styling them the right way

After the tips of keeping the diamond jewellery spotless, let’s shift our attention to the designs that can help you make a statement. The Out-Of-Line Diamond Earrings go best with a spaghetti strap evening gown, and they can lend a classic look with their sheen.

But if you are at the workplace or in a formal setting, then you could pair your trousers and coat with a Dice D ringLovestruck Zip Studs and a Pro Power Diamond Necklace. Make sure the colours of the dress are light pastel or anything bright but not shimmery. It will lend you a bossy vibe in a cool way.

We have lightweight diamond jewellery and global trend-inspired jewellery which go with certain dress types. Have a look at these pairs of dresses and jewellery.

A little care goes a long way!

Don’t think hard and long before buying diamond jewellery that is lightweight as you now know how to keep them clean. Go through the collection at Melorra, and find a suitable option. For more help, you can always read a guide on the process of cleaning diamonds at home.

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