9 Secret Santa Gift Ideas! #Gifting

Christmas is at the door and everyone has hit the festive mood! And with it, it’s time to exchange gifts! From Secret Santa gifts to gifts for your loved ones.. there are a lot of selfie moments!

Nowadays with many of us working through the holidays, the Christmas cheer has seeped into our work culture. From exchanging secret Santa gifts to secret Santa theme parties, a lot is going on. And while there are a lot of gift options to pick from, there’s a whole lot of confusion too. So while you’re trying to find the perfect secret Santa gifts to buy, we have a suggestion to make – how about gold?

Although gold has been a gift on the expensive side, with Melorra, that’s not the case. With more affordable and trendy options, we’re making this easier of you! Here are some ideas for your secret Santa gift:

#1. The Eccentric Edge ring will make a great secret Santa gift for women. Whether it’s for your BFF or a mentor, she’ll be able to flaunt this everywhere!
The Eccentric Edge Ring
#2. The Kite Runner gold pendant that’ll be the perfect in-budget secret Santa gift for friends. Whether it’s for a work thing or a gift for your loved one, she can easily pair this with her casuals and even party wear.
Kite runner pendant
#3. If you’re looking for a secret Santa gift for girls, the Leaf of Faith gold studs is the way to go. A teenage cousin or a sister, it’ll add that wow factor to her Christmas outfit – and beyond!
Leaf of Faith gold pendant and gold studs
#4. Is your secret Santa gift for dog lovers? or maybe cat lovers? Forget that mug! Get The Purrfect Portion studs! The cute-casual just got a whole lot cuter.

Check out our Animal Collection for more like these!

The Purrfect Portion Studs
#5. If she’s the one who loves to stack it up, here’s the ideal secret Santa gift for her – Gold Chains! Let her add on that extra oomph to her outfit with these edgy picks.
22kt Interlocked Textured Oval Chain
#6. Looking for some fun secret Santa gift for coworkers? Add on some enamel to gold! From your work BFF to that office friend-cum-college friend, the Glow Show bracelet is sure to be the highlight of the evening!

Here is some more alphabet jewellery to pick out from!

Glow Show enamel bracelet
#7. The See-Through gold pendant for a fun addition to her collection! From off-shoulders evening wear to a collared one during the day, this piece would fit all her looks.
#8. The Sleeve O Swirls gold pendant if you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for coworkers. A fashionable yet practical jewellery piece, it’s show off your fun side.
Sleeve O Swirls gold pendant
#9. The Playful Plumes gold ring that has just enough colour to shine through the day and the evening. If you’re looking for unique office gifts for coworkers, this is the one to go for.
Playful Plumes ring

So get ready to pick out the ideal gift this season with our diverse range of gold jewellery. Whether it’s a secret Santa gift on a budget or looking out for that perfect gift for your boss, you’ll surely find that perfect piece!

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