Introducing the Monochrome Collection: A Colourful Sensation! #TrendAlert 

The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you

——-Coco Chanel 

Iconic LBD and Monochrome

Monochrome was black and white before the 1920s until Coco Chanel’s revolutionary and the iconic LBD came into existence and things turned a contrasting turn.  

Now, Monochrome is a solitary colour with variations in textures, layers or different pieces. Melorra’s new Monochrome jewellery collection is a vibrant range that will glam up your everyday look!  

What’s Hot This Spring – Summer 2022? Designer’s Exhibit 

Monochrome has been in the fashion talks for a long time but this season’s head-to-toe single-hued outfit is the cherry on top. This trend is also about matching accessories to the overall outfit.  

From Saint Laurent, Versace, Jaquemus, and Marques Almeida to Bottega Venetta, Netaporter and Alice + Olivia displayed a range of monochromatic outfits ranging from suits to dresses in bright colours and cool neon. 

The street style displayed a range of eye-catching hues in pantsuits, skirts and dresses. Celebs in Monochrome! 

Bridgeton’s star Simone Ashley rocked a monochromatic Pink outfit, Zendaya in ravishing red. Bollywood’s Deepika Padukone glammed up in a red dress and most loved Samantha Ruth Prabhu in an all-blue get-up.

The monochrome-inspired jewellery range for your day-to-day look 

 Get in #theMonochromemood this summer with our latest collection inspired by the latest global fashion trend, Pair this everyday fine jewellery with your work or casual and stand out. 

Let’s take a look- 

  1. Pair the Sunny Tales Ring with your yellow tank and jeans shorts and look like the fresh summer. Or if you wish to have a whole monochrome-inspired outfit, wear it with a yellow dress and heels. Check out the Sunny Tales set to match with the ring.

    Sunny Tales Ring
  2. Pair the Blue Ocean Bracelet with your blue shirt or blazer for an office ensemble. Go monochromatic by adding different shades of blue to your outfit.

    Blue Ocean Bracelet
  3.  The high polished Sunset Orange Necklace is a lovely piece that you may add to your orange dress and pair with a strappy pair of orange heels for a monochromatic look.

    Sunset Orange Necklace
  4. The Yellow Mellow Pendant is a versatile piece that can be added to any yellow ensemble or match with your yellow sneakers for a cool look.

    Yellow Mellow Pendant
  5. The fashionable Green Knight Stud Earrings with sepal motifs can be paired with a green top or dress. It’s simple yet gorgeous!

    Green Knight Stud Earrings

So, why wait?

Grab these amazing pieces and add them to make any outfit stand out. The global trend-inspired jewellery from Melorra is all about a bright look in a Monochrome Collection. This fashionable jewellery collection is lightweight- a Melorra’s signature and is a great piece for your everyday ensembles. 

Our monochrome collection is global trend-inspired jewellery and so are all our collections.  

Take a peek at our other fashionable jewellery collections here.  

Let us know which collection is close to your heart and the one which speaks to you! 

Happy shopping @Melorra 

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