7 Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her!

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here! Time for Jewellery and Time for Cheer!

December has put us all in a mood for holiday movies, sappy books, hot coffee and a snuggle blanket. And when Christmas is just around the corner, there are relatives to meet, parties to attend and trees to decorate! The cheer is sure to lift your mood up!

With back to back parties along the weekend to celebrate the festivities, there’s a whole lot of gifting involved too. We’re all looking for unique Christmas gifts that show that you’ve personalised it for them or picked out something that they’ll like.

We have the ultimate idea for your Christmas gifts for her- Gold jewellery!

We’re sure you’re wondering one of these – Jewellery, really? That too, gold? And what would be the best jewellery for Christmas? When it comes to picking up jewellery gifts for Christmas, we know you’re looking or something unique and also, at an affordable price. And although gold has always seemed expensive, with Melorra, it’s not anymore! So whether it’s for your mother, the secret Santa group or the special someone in your life,  go with gold this season, while staying in budget!

Scroll along and check out our jewellery Christmas gift guide:

 #1. The Extra Extravagant Ring from our Amplified Volume Collection

One of the most simple jewellery to pick, rings will always prove to be the right choice. So if you’re looking at jewellery for Christmas presents, gold rings would be a good inclusion for all her dress-up days and beyond. She can stack them up, use them as midi-rings, the options are plenty!

Extra Extravagant Ring

#2. The Sequin Checklist Danglers from our Work Sequins Collection

The ideal work to party addition, this is a great jewellery idea for Christmas. An easy to pair gold piece, if you’re looking for a Christmas themed jewellery, this is all you’ll need. Whether it’s a sequin dress for that evening out or maybe just a glitter splash for those Friday casuals, it’ll quickly become her go-to jewellery.

Sequin Checklist Danglers

#3. The Edgy Essentials Necklace from AW 19/20 High Sobriety Collection

A minimal yet trendy Christmas jewelry goes a long way. Whether it’s an office meeting or a brunch plan with your friends, pair this gold necklace with ease and show off your feminine side! If you’re looking for jewellery for your wife this Christmas, this is the ideal mix of subtle yet fun.

Edgy Essentials Necklace

#4. The Blue Plumes Hoops from our Pop Feather Collection

Add a pop of colour to your gold earrings in a super-easy way – enamel! From those sundresses to even a colour block styling, you can experiment with one and all. If you’re looking for jewellery as Christmas gifts for her, these hoops would be the perfect way to charm your better half.

Blue Plumes Hoops

#5. The Prep Reboot Danglers from our Ivy League Collection

From a high-neck top to a knitted sweater, these enamel danglers are sure to brighten up your day. Jewellery for her Christmas gift has never looked so trendy yet oh-so-affordable! You can also choose to make a set of your own with a minimal gold ring that would be an add on for her casuals.

Prep Reboot Danglers

#6. The Sequin Workload Pendant from our Autumn-Winter 2019/20 collection

When it comes to jewellery gifting ideas, there are many options, but a Christmas necklace goes a long way. A perfect add-on to Christmas party outfits or even an office celebration revel in it all!

Sequin Workload pendant

#7. The Dark Damask Bracelet from our Dark Romance Collection

Add a rose to that print dress with a gold bracelet that is bound to become her favourite Christmas gift of all time. She can choose to pair it up with bell sleeves or even a cuffed one, the bracelet is undoubtedly going to add drama.

Dark Damask Bracelet

So, go ahead and pick up your favourites whether it’s for the yearend drinks – dinner night or the Big New Year Eve Bash. We’re sure you’ll find something to start off 2020 with! 

Check out our entire catalogue here!

7 Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her!
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7 Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her!
7 Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her!
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