5 Reasons for Christmas Goodness – in Gold!


“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” – is surely going to be the call this festive season!

We’ve descended into the last few weeks of 2019 and to go along with it, a celebratory mood. While the winter sets in and the lights come out, we’re all ready to decorate Christmas trees, hang some stockings and maybe bake that plum cake in-house this time. But even more than that, we’re all set to plunge into the gifting arena. Whether for ourselves or gifts for others – is of no consequence, because there must be a gift!

Meanwhile, we’re all looking for that ‘something different’ to gift this year. Whether it’s to mark that first solo trip you made or that tattoo your afraid-of-needles friend got! Or maybe it’s to celebrate the beginning of something new, there’s a lot of pressure for that perfect, most appropriate gift. And we are sure that we have that ideal one, to mark any and all milestones! Gold jewellery! And we also have the answer to your ‘why’ questions! Read on:

#1. Designs for Everyday

Gold has always been a part of traditional jewellery, but we disagree. Making gold jewellery a part of your every day, we’re all about creating designs that you can wear all the time. Minus the worry, hesitation and fidgeting. Whether it’s for work, a casual day out or even jewellery for a dance party, gold is now ready to be worn daily.

Vision Grey Ring

#2. Gold jewellery starting @ Rs. 3200

Yes, that’s Actually how low our prices are. We promise. With gold becoming a part of your every day, you can now easily pick real gold than going for a fashion jewellery piece. Where costume jewellery looks good, there’s the problem of being allergic to it or the metal getting faded over time. But when it’s about gold, you needn’t worry! And with prices as low as these, you can gift your BFF with a piece like no other – Without taking a gold loan.

9 to 9 Sequins Bracelet and Sequin Meetings Ring

#3. So many options to choose from! – Enamel, gemstones, rose gold!

Yellow gold is fine, but if you’re the one who likes a little more colour, there are those options too. With different enamel colours on gold and gemstone additions, there’s a whole lot of colour to go for. And if you’re looking for a different shade of gold, we have that too! With white gold and rose gold jewellery, we have jewellery for all your moods. And then there’s always a girl’s best friend that can be added too – diamonds!

Tie & Dye Tease Pendant

#4. As up-to-date as your wardrobe

Fashion changes every season, with ramps and runways giving us styles, colours and prints like never before. And we’re all up to add those shades to our closets, that define our look. With camis pairings for summers and cosy knits for winters, there’s a style for all. And now that’s in gold jewellery too! Translating the international fashion trends into gold jewellery, we’re all about designing only the latest for you. And what’s more, we create them as made to order – so you don’t need to worry about harming the environment either.

Dark Damask Bracelet

#5. As light as a feather – yet, sturdy

Gone are the days of chunky jewellery that required special care and kept safe inside a locker. We’re all about bringing your gold jewellery out of it! Keep it on your dressing table and flaunt it every day. Whether it’s for a workday, a casual lunch with your gals or even a pub-hopping night, it’s all good. With our lightweight styles, you’ll be able to take them everywhere. Minus the worry of it getting damaged, of course.

Dangle Dot Bracelet

And now you have the answer to your ‘Why’ question! No time like the present to add these gold designs to your wishlist too. Maybe even send it out to your secret Santa *wink wink*! And how can we forget, it’s the perfect addition to your BFF’s collection too!

Head out to our catalogue page here!

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5 Reasons for Christmas Goodness - in Gold!
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5 Reasons for Christmas Goodness - in Gold!
5 Reasons for Christmas Goodness - in Gold!
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