Long Fringes Jewellery: The Ultimate Collection for Party Lovers! #TrendAlert

“People will stare; make it worth their while”— Harry Winston

In western countries, the 1920s were known as the flapper era of the women’s movement. It represented a transitional period when women broke free from traditional roles and began participating in previously considered male-centric activities. This meant a shift away from constricting corsets and heavy garments and towards lighter, more comfortable options that allowed them to move freely.


We owe it to the “flappers” for today’s sequin ensembles, vivacious feather trims, or tinsel fringe trend. Stand fun & fabulous with the latest fashion-trend, Long Fringes, which has made a comeback this season with variety on its plate, doing the rounds exhibiting sass & a playful mood. 

Inspired by the fringes and other elements with a mind of their own, Melorra brings you The Playful Fringe Diamond Collection. Your party looks this season is about to get “brighter” with our latest designs.

Fringy Runways- Designer’s Exhibit

Fringe is for fun; it’s playful, and it offers a distraction from the struggles of recent times. There is femininity, functionality, and fluidity to fringes. It’s like taking space to feel oneself! 

The Spring/Summer’23 runways are beaming with these fragments of 1920s trends that called attention to movement. The famous designers for fringe were Madeleine Vionnet and Charles Worth. They pioneered fringe fashion during the 1920s. Madeleine Vionnet made bold floral prints that had long fringes. Tinsel dresses were made famous by Charles Worth. 

Some top fashion names like Proenza Schouler, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, and Bottega Veneta display this trend on the runways with playful, eye-catching wear.

About The Playful Fringe Diamond Collection

Summer is all about being adventurously playful and free-spirited. To revive your vibrant energy, we have created a diamond and gold jewellery collection that brings out your exuberant diva and is inspired by this long, fringes fashion trend. 


The Playful Fringe Diamond Collection ushers a fresh air of fashion that exhibits a dynamic & glamorous party vibe.


Here are a few pieces from this party collection.





Famous In Fringe Necklace

Do you favour the monochromatic style for evening wear? Then this is the right piece for you. Whether you lean towards green, pink, or black themes, it matches with your monochromatic attire.




Summer Fringe Earrings

Adding these earrings is the single most effective method to jazz up a simple t-shirt. This design will give you a put-together look if paired with a gold necklace, preferably with a brilliant, striking pendant. 


This will become one of your go-to ensembles when coupled with basic black trousers and other gold jewellery/accessories.





In a Fringe Mood Pendant

Modern streetwear differs from other types of sportswear, vit can be dressed up with jewellery, like this pendant. Wear a big gold bracelet with your label T-shirt, joggers, and an over-shirt to channel the urban glitterati.





Famous In Fringe Bracelet 

This amazing bracelet can be worn with almost any outfit. Cuff the sleeves of your jean jacket and layer it with a chain bracelet to bring some personality to your look while adding a little glitter.









Fringe Tint Ring


A gorgeous gold ring with a lustrous look can go well with all outfits. A satin finish blazer and lacy crop top paired with this ring are like that delicious cocktail that keeps you wanting more!

Celebs are Taking The Fringe Way too!


Celebs like Naomi Biden, Camila Mendes, Joey King, Urvashi Rautela, Vaani Kapoor, and Sonam Kapoor nailed this season’s biggest trend, standing tall & grooving to fringes. 


Any ensemble can benefit from the movement and texture that fringe brings. Dare to wear fringe and show off your feminine and fun side. Make a dramatic fringe fashion statement this spring or summer to stand out.

Get ready to fill your party diaries with fringes!


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