Match It Up! Your Dress-Earrings Style Guide

What is comfortable, airy and perfect for all occasions? A dress! Whether it’s a brunch party, a casual day out with your girls or an evening event, there’s a dress for it all! But, there’s always a wonderment of how to style up your earrings and dresses?

And we’re here to help you out with just that!

With a plethora of earring options in the market, there’s a whole lot of confusion. And when we talk about gold earrings, the options automatically take a turn towards traditional. But we’re changing all that! Taking inspiration from the fashion runways of the world, we’re translating gold jewellery that’s perfect for your entire wardrobe, and that too, in sync with your clothing.

Earrings on dresses have been a constant query that our stylists have to answer. So we thought, why not go ahead and compile this information for an easy-peasy solution? So if you’re the one who’s been searching for ‘western type earrings’ to match your attire, we have it all together for you. And if you’re in a hurry and want to know how to pair up earrings with dresses, just scroll down and take a look at our infographic for all the answers!

Whether it’s a daily wear gold earrings or gold earrings for western dresses, we have it all. Since our inspiration lies within fashion, you can be sure that our collections will provide you with the latest earrings for western dresses. So whether your question is about the best earrings for maxi dresses or earrings for formal dresses, we have a solution for it all.

Read on to find out the perfect earrings for western dresses:

#1. Maxi Dresses:

A maxi dress is a casual long dress that is usually made from a flowy fabric or even knitted ones. These vary in length from ankle to floor-length. This type of dress is one of the easiest to wear and pick out. To pick up earrings for maxi dresses, keep in mind it’s colour and print. If it’s a day to evening look, you can add on gold danglers or add on studs for a casual Friday or shopping Sunday look!

Dangle Angle Shoulder Dusters
gold earrings
Dyed in Blue Studs

#2. Short Dresses:

There’s a whole range of short dresses available today with skater, a-line, wrap dresses etc. all set to be picked out. So to pick up earrings for short dresses, check out the silhouette of the dress to take the final call. However, if you’re ever in doubt, add on a pair of gold danglers or gold hoops and you’ll be ready to go. If you’re wondering about black dress earrings, you can always choose gold and enamel jewellery to add on some contrasting colour. You can also include feather type earrings for a breezy look.

Dark Damask Danglers
Blue Plumes Hoops

#3. High Neck Dresses:

We’ll just go ahead and call this our favourite winter wardrobe addition, ‘cause it’s chic, classic and just ready to take on the day, head-on. But we’re sure you’re wondering what type of earrings for high neck dress can you add? Here’s the answer – Huggies and J-Hoops. Keeping in stylish yet minimal, Gold Huggies with a little colour goes a long way. And if you’re looking for a little dangling effect, a gemstone j-hoop is the perfect addition. So if you’re looking to style this dress as your workwear, you’re sorted out!

Rhyme N Ruffle J-Hoops
Coil Voile Huggies

#4. Evening wear Dresses:

Searching for earrings for party wear is simultaneously the hardest and the easiest thing to do. Questions like, what jewellery with a golden gown or what jewellery for a black evening dress should I pair, regularly crop up before dressing up. Making it super simple for you, here’s a trick – Go with a pair of shoulder dusters or danglers without any hesitation. Whether its jewellery with grey gown or earrings for red gowns, long gold earrings would add the party vibe with ease. You can pair up diamond earrings to add some bling or go trendy with shoulder-grazing styles.

gold earrings
Twist N Tassel Shoulder Dusters
Lace Line Up Danglers

#5. Formal Dresses:

If you think earrings for formal wear can get tricky, we say you don’t need to tense up. Pick up a pair of studs if you’ve ever spent more than 10 seconds to take that decision. You can add on a contrasting or even a similar shade with gold enamel earrings, gemstone earrings or show off your feminine side with some diamonds in J-Hoops. From a black dress green earrings pair up to a couple of grey earrings for office wear, your options are plenty!

Peach Perfect Studs
gold earrings
Bishop Bends J-Hoops

#6. Long Dresses:

Long dresses are those which are usually longer than your average knee length. These can also be floor length, ankle etc depending on the occasion you’ve picked it up for. With a whole range of long dresses to choose from, you can pick a gown for that evening party or even a casual one for a day-long look or a bridesmaid’s party!

And when it comes to picking out jewellery for gown dress, there’s a simple answer – Hoops and more hoops!

From a complete retro one to a part-dangle one, there’s a lot to choose from. The basic idea behind hoop earrings for long dresses is that they highlight your face and shoulders. So if you’re up for a bold look, all you have to do is add on big hoops and you’ll be ready to shine through.

Swerve A Lace Hoops
OTT Toss Hoops

#7. V-neck Dresses:

Now, this theme is specific to a V-neckline, which can be found in both short and long dresses. One of the first questions that we get regarding this neckline is whether to pair up long or short earrings with v neck dress. So here’s the answer to that!

If it’s a formal V-neck dress, you can choose to add a pair of gold studs, while, if you’re looking for a casual or party V-neck dress, you can pick out a pair of gold danglers. These danglers can have multiple strands, that’ll add some flair and add some suave to your look!

Slay in Crochet Danglers
Extra Extravagant Danglers

Since now you know how to pair earrings for western dresses, go out and let your look shine throughout the day! Don’t shy away from showing off your feminine style and let your personal style be the OOTD.

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Match It Up! Your Dress-Earrings Style Guide
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Match It Up! Your Dress-Earrings Style Guide
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