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From a sea of necklaces and pendants to choose from, how do you figure what goes with what? After all, it’s all about setting up your style quotient! Check out this little guide to know which necklace to wear with different type of neckline!

“Hey, hittin’ the club after office. Don’t be late.”


“A new cafe has opened up. Let’s go for lunch there today!”

New and random plans bring a lot of excitement, but with that also comes frustration. Have to rush out in 10 mins, and you are clueless about your outfits and accessories. Be it an impromptu lunch invite, a random bash, or just a hectic start of an office day – not being able to get ready well is sure a mood spoiler. After a quick shower routine, the 5-min make-up trick, and hogging the breakfast super-duper fast while packing your bag, what if there isn’t enough time to style your outfit? Especially a necklace to go with your outfit!

Which Necklace Goes With My Dress?

Will a choker work with this formal shirt?

Can I wear a necklet with this top?

Questions are aplenty, and we have the solution for it too!

The trick to knowing how to choose necklaces for different outfits is – to know the types of necklines!

Different types of necklines melorra jewellery
12 Types of Necklines

What kind of necklace to wear with different necklines?

Now that you know the various types of necklines, the following questions that come to mind are what necklace to wear with a round neckline or if a high neckline dress necklace is in style for halter necks. Basically, how do you actually style the different necklines in your wardrobe?

Worry not! We have a simple answer to all your questions, whether it’s about necklaces for plunging necklines, necklaces for dress necklines, crew, scoop, or high necklines. We have it all covered. Check out this necklace neckline cheat sheet we have for you!

#1. Necklaces for Bib Collar Neckline

A bib collar neckline or commonly know as a crew neck, is a rounded and close-fitting neckline. One of the most common necklines, add a necklace that has a centre pattern, or you can also choose to stack multiple fashion chains for a fun element! Try out our selected Equine Galore gold necklace to add that chic to your casuals!

Necklaces for different necklines


#2. Necklaces to complement Boat Neckline

Heard about necklace layering? Well, we can say it was established for such necklines. Rather than choosing one particular necklace for your boat-neck neckline dress, go for necklaces to layer. It should include relatively thin necklaces with patterns across the chain. You can also choose to pair it with pendants or fashion chains that reach just above your waist. This kind of layering of necklaces would do the trick for all your 9-9 plans and beyond. We suggest pairing the Ebony Elegance necklace with the Black Beauty necklace for a little gold-black colour play that never gets old!

Quick Tip:
When you are decking up necklaces layered up style, this question very often comes – How many necklaces are too much? Just go for the graduated effect. Combine in a manner that doesn’t look heavy and is enough to be stylish. And it’s a Yes! It’s all about layering necklaces without tangling.
For example, combine delicate, short necklaces with slightly heavier, longer necklaces. Or go for the chain on chain approach.


#3. Necklaces for Collared Neckline

With a collared neckline, Adding a short necklace might make your neck look a little cluttered. The best neckwear to go with is a prominent pendant with preferably a long chain that rests above the outfit. Try our Serene Drapes gold pendant that’ll add the right amount of chic to even your formals.


#4. Necklaces for Scoop Neckline

Scoop necklines have a U-shaped cut. The extra space of the neckline can be easily coordinated with a necklace with optimum volume. Such necklines look best with broader necklaces that have layers. You can choose to add double-chain necklaces, fringe styles or even lariats for a caz-cool element. Whether it’s a Zoom party or a house one, we suggest trying our Funky Disco Gold Necklace to go with your scoop neckline partywear.

Necklaces for different necklines


#5. Necklaces for Square Neckline

For a square neck, choose a necklace with geometric patterns that’ll complement this neckline shape. Creating a cool, harmonised look, these geometric patterns are the perfect add-on for all formal and even party wear. Falling on your collarbone, the Boss Lady gold necklace is THE style for an edgy, chic and confident look.

Necklaces for different necklines


#6. Necklaces for Strapless Dresses

Strapless dresses or off-shoulder ones have been the chic-cool style for all casual wear. Whether it’s a print, pastel or even a solid colour play, these dresses add that extra oomph for a fun-frolic day. For these dapper strapless dresses, the perfect partner is a trendy choker necklace. Go for Fringe Fantastic gold choker necklace and let the world fall in love with your boldness and style!

Necklaces for different necklines


#7. Necklaces for V- Neck outfits

Deciding neckwear jewellery for V-neckline is quite fun and super quick. It should be seen as a matching arena – V for V! Go for a necklace in a similar triangular V-shaped necklace or pendant with a triangular motif just above the neckline. It can be of matching colours or add colour contrast to your outfit. The choice is yours! Try our Black N Bold diamond necklace with your similar neckline work wear or party outfit, for the sassy vibe!

Necklaces for V necklines


#8. Necklaces for Drop Shoulder Neckline

As drop-shoulder dresses mean to be asymmetrical, the trick is to go as the neckline goes. Choose an asymmetrical necklace. An angular, abstract motif or design would be the best-suited necklace for your off-shoulder top or dress. We suggest something like our Pro Power Diamond Necklace. Gold, diamond and a perfect pair up with your neckline – what else do you need?

Necklaces for different necklines


#9. Necklaces to go with Halter Neck dresses

Halter necks have always been fun to wear, haven’t they? They’re even more fun to accessorise too! Halter necklines mostly have a covered chest or a sweetheart cut on the neckline. Pair this up with sleek pendants or symmetrical lariats. Why? Because this blend of the halter neck with a sleek pendant would gain equal attention on the neckline and accessory. Or, go for a triangular neckpiece but preferably with a pointy end, just like the one we have chosen here – Love Wins Gold Pendant. Check out many more such trendy fine gold necklaces here.

Melorra Necklaces for halter neckline


#10. Necklaces for Turtle Neck attires

Turtle necklines cover most of the neck, so choose a jewellery piece above the dress/top. As the whole neckline has a consistent pattern, go for necklaces with prominent motifs or chains with extended patterns. It looks best with longer chains and similar long necklaces. Try out our Peter Pan Vibes Gold Fashion chain for this winter summer vibe. Explore many chic and up-to-trend fashion chains and long necklaces here! Who knows, you might find THE perfect necklaces to get your girlfriend or to your mother. 😀



#11. Necklaces for Cowl Neckline dresses

In Cowl neckline dresses, there’s already a lot going on around the neck with the layers of fabric. Falling in drapes and feminine structures, the necklace would not demand much focus. Otherwise, the pairing can go messy and disastrous. So, go for a small pendant or a charm necklace. Try out our Boss Up gold pendant, or pick up the All Things Eco gold necklace to pair up with your casuals.

Melorra necklaces for cowl neckline dress


#12. Necklaces to go with Sweetheart Neckline

The sweetheart neckline in itself is eye-catching! So one needs to be careful about avoiding an over-do of accessories. The mantra is – keep it simple, yet, adding something that is a head-turner. For your sweetheart neckline dress, go for a wide round necklace. It looks best as it will be able to complement the bare collar and neck. Try out this trendy and peppy Block O Fever gold necklace with funky enamel work on it.

Necklaces for sweetheart neckline

Keep this as your go-to guide and choosing necklaces for different necklines would be quick and easy!

These easy to wear and trendy fine gold necklaces don’t just go with different outfits but are necklaces to wear every day! And, if you are still thinking about what necklaces are in style 2021 and whether you’ll find those here or not, check out this plethora of everyday gold and diamond necklaces and pendants here! We have the latest and fashion runway-inspired jewellery for you. You might also just find dome matching pairs of earrings to go with these necklaces.

We’re sure you won’t be able to resist adding them to your jewellery closet! 😉

Necklace Complementing Your Neckline #Guide
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