Choose Planet A #EarthDaySpecial

Earth Day

With the second big hit of the COVID-19 pandemic across our country and many nations worldwide, it is high time to stop thinking and start acting on what we are left with. It is on us to hold our voices high and hopes up to make this Earth a better and beautiful place to live again! This Earth Day, we aim to celebrate the spirit of action towards our ONLY planet EARTH! Are you up to stand firm to the challenge?

Do we really have time? Time to talk about climate change and how we humans have been taking our planet Earth and nature for granted? The situation around us is scary. But we are celebrating. Yes, we are! Read on to know why!

Celebrating The Rebirth Of Earth!

We are celebrating the week the world officially celebrates as The Earth Week, with today being Earth Day. The day to celebrate the preservation, conservation, and sustainability of our planet. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has left us all scared and clueless. And extremely worried about our families, friends, and humanity in general. But there has to be a reason that tells us to keep those hopes up—the hope of life, of health, and ‘normal’ days. Yes, we are celebrating to cheer up the sunken hearts and say out loud that not everything is lost. We can still stand together and embrace our nature because that is the only vital force to make things better. We can conserve what we have left and make it possible for our coming generations to see the nature-blessed life we have had.

Gazillion talks are going on about climate change, biodiversity, conservation, preservation, and so on and so forth! But we will celebrate the deeply rooted nature because then only we will be able to care for it. Care enough to conserve it, preserve it, and change it for the better. It is the time to take part in this movement for change, hope, peace, and a better life, a better Earth.

Time To Celebrate Hope!

Let us cheer up our vibes and give ourselves the gifts that symbolize true nature. We call you forward to wear these gilded gifts that mirror the beauty of nature. We will wear them as everyday reminders of our oath to create a better Earth. It can stay close to our heart – as neckpieces, on our ears as earrings, as bangles wrapped around our wrists. They are sure to be extremely thought-provoking and conversation starter jewellery in gold (which is also a precious gift of nature)!

Check out these nature-inspired and very close to our Earth, pieces of gold jewellery that are sure to take your heart away & hopes up – for the better days!

#1. Relaxed Raffia Gold Pendant to give a tribute to the sources that our planet has provided us with! 

Earth Day 2021 Gold jewellery

#2. Frangpiani Gold Finger Ring to celebrate the newness and message of life, this Spring-Summer 2021!Earth Day 2021 Gold jewellery

#3. One Earth Gold Necklace for keeping the feel of grandiose and splendour of what our planet Earth is, close to our hearts!

Earth Day 2021 Gold jewellery

#4. In this trying time, this beautiful piece of jewellery – Wellness Matters Gold Finger Ring can be the best gift to give to our beloveds, as a blessing of wellness.United Trend Melorra

#5. Fearless Watercress Gold finger ring for that smile of hope and life.


#6. Dusky Petals Gold Earring to say out loud ‘Thank You’ to our beautiful planet Earth.


#7. Be Kind Gold Studs as a vocal message of love, camaraderie, and kindness that is highly needed in this difficult time.

Earth Day 2021 Gold jewellery

#8. Well, the message is loud and clear. Planet A Gold bracelet as there is ‘No Planet B’! 

Planet A Earth

#9. Nature At Work Gold Danglers – Another loud and hopeful message to remind us that nature is always at work, giving life to us and the fellow lives on our planet Earth. 

Earth Day 2021 Gold jewellery

#10. Celebrating the season of new life, the Spring-Summer vibe is here to fight the tension, with our Joy O Flora gold necklace!

Bountiful Flowers Melorra Gold Jewellery

This Earth week, let us use our fashion to say it out loud! To stand united in faith and hope! To stand strong together for wellness and our planet Earth!


Check out many more such trend-inspired and jewellery with deeper causes to stand for, here!


Choose Planet A #EarthDaySpecial
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Choose Planet A #EarthDaySpecial
This Earth Day, we aim to celebrate the spirit of action towards our ONLY planet EARTH! Are you up to stand firm to the challenge?
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