Pamper Your Sister With These 6 Gifts! #RakshaBandhan #GetCloserWithMelorra

A sibling is a lens through which you see your childhood — Ann Hood.

A careless bored nudge, a slight push here, a pull there, and an endless chase around the living room with bouts of shrieks and screams. The episode ends with an angry mom glaring at you and your sibling, armed with a kitchen dipper.

This is a scene etched into most of our minds as we poke into the faded memories of our childhood.

Why are siblings our first friends?

The relationship with our siblings is one of a kind. We look fondly upon the good times shared but also the crazy, ruthless fights we endured. The crusade for the TV remote, the witless taunts, never-ending name-calling but also the secretly shared ice candies, white lies to having each other’s backs, snickering together at silly jokes at the dinner table, and so on! 

Why not show your sister some extra love for this Raksha Bandhan? Yes, without a doubt! Read on to find out how Melorra will make it SPECIAL for the two of you!

Don’t miss watching our Rakhi Film and relive your memories! On the day of Raksha Bandhan, we celebrate this rare frenemy you grew up with. This year, take the opportunity to mark your sibling’s love with a gift that lasts forever. And nothing says forever quite like jewellery. So, send your sister some love with stylish gold jewellery.

The sibling bond is one that is above and beyond, one that goes beyond distance as well. So, get her the perfect gift for Rakhi, no matter where she is!

Take your pick from Melorra’s global trend-inspired jewellery and deliver it anywhere in India.

Don’t miss out on the great deals!

Let us worry about the miles between you and your sister!

Take a look at our curated Rakhi gift options that are bound to put a sparkle in your sister’s eyes!

These are Melorra’s top 6 picks for this festival from its wide range of jewellery collections.

  • Future Power Diamond Ring

A quirky diamond ring that captures all the eccentricities of the sibling bond, one that she can flaunt every day, all day. Future Power Diamond Ring is a high-polished yellow gold ring that forms a hexagonal motif at the centre studded with diamonds at the corners and centre in a bezel setting. Inspired by state-of-the-art technology and advances in engineering, this ring encapsulates a futuristic design philosophy.

  •  Exotic Twist Gold Earrings (Earrings used in our Rakhi Special Film)

The Exotic Twist Gold Earrings are known to be timeless and elegant. It is a piece where sophistication meets drama, a modern take on a gold earring. This high polish yellow gold drop earring is the perfect piece for the glamour queen in your family.

  • Lunar Eclipse Gemstone Bracelet

A simple gemstone bracelet for free-spirited and fun-loving sisters. Lunar Eclipse Gemstone Bracelet is a high polish yellow gold bracelet that has two gold crescents opposing each other embellished with blue topaz and sapphire gemstones. Send your love and some good vibes with this bracelet!

  • Fern and Floral Gold Bangle

The Fern and Floral Gold Bangle is a delicate gold bangle for a minimal look. A great addon for office and casual wear. This is an 18KT gold round bangle with a fern motif at the center. A pop of red enamel complements the design. This will surely be the new staple in your sister’s collection.

  • OTT Fantasy Gold Necklace

A sleek, versatile gold necklace that can be paired with her casuals and evening wear. She can even layer it up with other chains for extra oomph! The OTT Fantasy Gold Necklace is a high polish yellow gold cable chain necklace that has a V-shaped motif at center and a squiggly zig-zag pattern at either side.

  • Whimsy Fringe Diamond Pendant

The Whimsy Fringe Diamond Pendant for the outlandish child within your sister, that you will always cherish! Unabashed, bold, fearless- If this sounds like your sister, this is the one for her. Inspired by the long tassels and fringe trend this season, this is a high polish yellow gold diamond pendant. The pendant has an inverted V-shaped motif with a diamond stud dangling from gold chains.

A Stylish Raksha Bandhan!

Make this Rakhi a memorable one with Melorra. Don’t hold back, indulge in the festivities of the season! Tell your sister how precious your relationship is! Jewellery that is on-trend for the gorgeous woman she has become!

Whether you are celebrating together or from a distance, we got you covered with a plethora of gifting options.

Don’t let the distance put a dinge on the festive spirit! #GetCloserWithMelorra

Make your brothers feel special too by tying these impeccable, fashionable gold rakhis designed by Melorra!

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