5 Ways to Style Your Gold Jewellery! #StyleTips

Wear a fabulous smile, and great jewellery and know that you are utterly and totally in control!

—-Donatella Versace

Who doesn’t like to be in control?! Isn’t it more fun to create your own destiny than waiting for fate to let things fall into place?

Yes, absolutely! So, while you craft your beautiful future skillfully, why not do it in style?

Melorra offers everyday fine jewellery in tandem with runway fashion. This lightweight jewellery will liven up your wardrobe, whether ribbed bodycon dress or the quintessential Indian wear.

Wondering how to nail your jewellery game? We hear you! 

Sometimes the constantly evolving fashion world can seem a little overwhelming, leaving you in a bit of a haze. Fret not!

Ponder over these five questions, and you will decode the secret to a well-rounded jewellery collection that is versatile and stylish!

  • Do you have a staple jewellery piece/set?

         Basic isn’t boring!

Building a strong home begins with putting in a sturdy foundation. A staple jewellery set or piece is the foundation that will help you create many looks.

Pick a piece that goes with the majority of your wardrobe. It could be as simple and classic as diamond studs and a pendant, or something trendy like a gold hoop earring.

Hip and Casual Diamond Earring

Ferris Wheel Diamond Pendant

Oval And Out Gold Earring

You sometimes need to get back to the basics. Perfect for meetings at work, coffee dates, or the hectic Monday mornings. Wear it and head out of the door in a jiffy!

  • Are you an earring person or a necklace person?

       Well, we say strike a balance!

Artists use the design principle of balance to produce beautiful aesthetic effects. The same reasoning can be used while picking out your accessories.

When opting for large hoops, shoulder dusters, or ornate earrings, it is best to tone down the neckpiece or forego.

Dangle and Drop Gold Earring


And as we bulk up on the necklaces/chains, opt for simpler earrings and bangles!

Drawn Vine Gold Bangles


You could also opt to go fully adorned in gold by choosing minimal pieces that create a beguiling look—a great way to liven up those LBDs for your date night.

Greek Gold Leaves Gold EarringsFiercely Twisted Gold Necklace

Gold Olive Wreath Ring


We know you love to go all out; however, don’t forget that balance brings elegance!

Who is the star of the occasion, your outfit or your jewellery?

Double down on the focus of your overall look!

Consider the focal point of your ensemble before dressing up for ladies’ night, an office party, or a wedding cocktail. The jewellery or the clothing?

Metallic and sequin outfits are a daring trend. Such costumes’ jewellery ought to be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself!

Art Archives Diamond EarringsChain Mails Gold Earrings

But, if you want to spruce up mundane maxy, monochrome co-ords or all-black ensembles, then opt for statement pieces.

Use unconventional necklaces or pendant chains to show off those sexy necklines!

Flowy Goddess Necklace


Opt for danglers or shoulder dusters to emphasize your beautiful beaming smile. 

Wreath Of Greek Earrings


With some gorgeous rings or an attention-grabbing cuff bangle, you can flaunt your newly manicured hands!

Party Popper Gold Bangles

  • What neckline are you wearing?

Pick a necklace that compliments your neckline!

Choosing a necklace that flatters the neckline is like picking the right topping for your ice cream. If you hit the sweet spot, you will return for more.

Long necklaces or chains work great with turtlenecks, crew necks, high-neck tops or dresses. Shorter pendants that sit right below your collarbone are also a good option. Perfect for your work attire as well.

Lustre Statement Gemstone Pendant


Layered chains and lariat necklaces are the way to go with deep necks or v-necks. 

Skinny Fit Gold Necklace


Wear fitted or collar necklaces with scooped necklines, sweetheart or other wide necklines.

Tri To Tempt Diamond Necklace

  • Do you dare to layer?

Stack, layer and mix it up!

The best way to have some fun with your jewellery is to experiment with it! This is a chance to explore the possibilities and create your unique style.

Stack rings on alternate fingers. Add plain round bangles to your watch, and put together bangles of different shapes, sizes and designs: layer chains and pendants of various lengths. Play with textures and even metals. Yes, that’s right! Don’t stop at just gold; mix different metals.

Dazzle N Loop Diamond Necklace


Break the rules, try out different combinations and sport your favourite one confidently!

So, next time you style your jewellery take a hard look in the mirror and assess your outfit. Do a quick recount and put these formulas to play.

Moreover, no matter what you wear, know that style is personal and even subjective. Concoct a unique style that makes you feel confident and beautiful. 

With every step of the way, Melorra is here to help you become a fashion diva with global trend-inspired gold jewellery!

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