Pick a Diamond This New Year! #Blingiton2019

2019 is here and the so are all the cheers and celebration that come with it! As the new year is all set to soar, we’re all set to party and dance our way through it! However, a New Year present is still in question? So why don’t we give you a suggestion? Diamonds!

Still, in awe of the flamboyant bows from the Autumn Winter 2018-19 fashion, we’ve expanded our range to include diamonds! Our designers went a little cuckoo for bows and in their previous all-gold line, added a touch of bling that’ll be perfect for the 2019 bash. Whether it is a diamond pendant that you’ve been looking for your casuals or a pair of danglers for those cocktail nights, there’s one made for all.

Taking the fashion of Autumn Winter 2018/19 to a whole new level, bows were a big hit on all the fashion carpets and even the runways, in all its grandeur. If you’ve ever wondered what flamboyant means, the bow trend of 2018/19 is the answer. Hands down.

So without further delay, check out what we have in store for you!

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diamond necklace diamond jewellery

diamond jewellery bow collection

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It’s time to embrace the good vibes from the new year and experiment with the new! Whether it is buying jewellery online or making that solo trip, are you ready with your resolution list yet? 

Check out our new collection here

Pick a Diamond This New Year! #Blingiton2019
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Pick a Diamond This New Year! #Blingiton2019
Pick a Diamond This New Year! #Blingiton2019
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