The 2018 Trends And How We Kept Up! #yearend

As the celebrations continue around the town and bling is all you can see, it’s time to bid goodbye to the stories of 2018 and plan up some new ones for 2019! Are you ready?

We’re reminiscing the feels and the collections that made us go gaga in 2018 from Spring Summer to Autumn Winter. We went from sunflower to lavender shades and fringes to disco sequin all in one year and tied it all up with exaggerated bows. Now that’s a bag of gifts we love to unwrap!

Keeping in mind the contemporary lifestyle of a woman, we’ve made sure that all our collections reflect the confidence, the bold nature and even the grace that they possess. Whether it was the outfit for Diwali, a gift for the S-O or an after-wedding accessory for your BFF, we had one for all. With collections that include trendy, chic and affordable gold & diamond jewellery, gifting had just become a whole lot easier! Summing up the collection trends of 2018 these are what made us (and you) oh-so-excited this season!

Spring Summer 2018/19

#1. Tropical Leaves Collection

Where there is nature, a little flora is not far behind. Like a wisp of fresh air, this print planted the seeds in fashion and green became a part of everyone’s wardrobe. With leaf motifs in gold and diamond jewellery, it’s no longer about daydreaming of your go-to place, but carrying it with you, everywhere you go!

gold ring gold jewellery
Endless Summer Gold Bracelet

#2. White Edge Collection

Make way for the Power Woman, please! Fashion and women empowerment shook hands and blended together to form the power dressing outfit to match the control women took back. From Tom Ford to Marchesa, the white pantsuit was a part of every fashion show and we made sure that it becomes a part of your jewellery too.

gold bangles gold jewellery enamel jewellery
The Golden Chevron Gold Bangle

#3. Sunflower Yellow Collection

With talks of nature going around town, the bright and bold range of yellow was just what was needed for the Spring Summer season. With shades ranging from mustard yellow to gold, there was a hue for everyone. Combining it sunflower motifs, diamonds and various finishes, have you looked for your bright yellow yet?

gold earrings gold jewellery
Yellow Tangelo Gold Ring & Not So Mellow Yellow Danglers

#4. Micro Flowers

Creating mini fashion statements across the board, these teeny patterns swept us all off of the floor. Dainty, feminine, romantic and completely fresh, the micro flowers trend was everywhere and complementing every woman! A combination of gold and diamonds, the collection was all about elegant floral patterns.

diamond jewellery diamond ring
Funtastical Fleur Diamond Pendant & Ring

#5. Gelato Pastels Collection

Sugar, Spice and all things Sass, it was the season of pastels all across the runways and red carpets. Finding the sweet spot (and tooth) between soft and defiant, delicacy was definitely strong, this Spring Summer. And we definitely had to be a part of it! Introducing pastel gemstones jewellery, gold has never looked tastier.

gemstone jewellery
Tutti Frutti Sorbet Gemstone Necklace

#6. Fringe 2018 Collection

A trend that has been a part of the fashion fraternity since forever, this season it was more OTT than ever. With bold, outrageous strands to bunched-up braids, there was a fringe for everyone! And Everywhere. Making this part of our all-gold collections, there’s definitely a gold fringe for you to suit all your outfits!

gold earrings gold jewellery
Fringe Bouquet Gold Danglers

#7. Lavender Collection

With the Pantone colour of the year, Ultra-violet raving across the board, we chose its uber-fashionable pastel hue and played along with that instead.  With ‘Glamleisure’ becoming the fashion genre of the season, this colour became a part of cocktail dresses to track-suits without a hitch! In combination with gold, we created enamel jewellery that keeps you right on trend.

gold jewellery enamel jewellery
Wonder Lavender Gold Pedant & Lavender Out Loud Gold Ring

#8. Animal Collection

Inspired from the animal motif trend walking the Spring Summer 2018/19 ramp in all its glory, the focus lay with the Nature macro trend. With cute renditions of butterflies, dogs, fishes, and even elephants, to name a few, it was a call to the Animal Lover and its preservation. With these lovable motifs, we mixed gold, diamonds and enamel and created trinkets that’ll suit daughters to BFFs!

gold jewellery
Bow Wow Gold Pendant & Ring


Autumn Winter 2018/19

#1. Disco Sequin Collection

A fashion resurrection brought back from the 80s and 90s, the international ramps were surely glittering in the dark. A tribute to the Nostalgia macro trend, this trend brought back the disco era, with bright sequins and claiming the beginning of a revolution against baldness. Creating an all-gold collection, there was a little dangle and positively time to hit the dance floor.

gold jewellery

#2. Fringe Shimmer Collection

An adaptation of the spring-summer fringe, it was not about a bunch anymore, but the individuality of each strand that shimmered, swayed and had a lot of sass! It was the season of party and no one was to be left behind. Right in time for our Bling collection, we created strands of gold and diamonds that you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off of.

diamond bracelet diamond jewellery

#3. Flower Bouquet Collection

Moving away from the micro flowers of Spring Summer, it was time for a well-placed bouquet that was bigger, bolder and feminine. This pattern was seen placed against dark backgrounds for a more vivid and pop of colour that defines classiness. With pastel enamel shades and 3-D effects in gold, there’s a flower for all.

Gold jewellery enamel jewellery
Bertyl Bloom Gold Studs

#4. Denim On Denim Collection

The effortless casual cool vibe that denim defines, has the fashion fraternity going gaga over it, all over again! With a head-to-toe denim combo, it was all about claiming it’s stardom back! From Miu Miu, Tibi to Victoria Beckham, many fashion connoisseurs went all out and innovative with the trend. A part of our gemstone jewellery collection, there is something blue for all your ensembles.

Gemstone ring gemstone jewellery
Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Danglers & Ring

#5. Knife Pleats Collection

With the pretty pleats making a comeback in sleek, chic and razor-sharp folds, this trend is an undisputed symbol of femininity and timeless beauty. Designing an all gold line for you, these pleats will become your go-to accessory whether it’s with your workwear or a casual day outfit.

gold jewellery gold pendant

#6. Scarf Print Collection

With Richard Quinn leading the fashion fraternity (and the Queen), on a journey of British monarch’s romance with silk scarfs, we all had to get up and take notice! A bold and bombastic array of colour and print, it was a voyage around the Baroque period. Creating an all-gold collection, we paid tribute to these prints.

Gold danglers gold jewellery
Swirl Curl Gold Earrings

#7. Animal Print Collection

From Spring Summer’s venture into the Animal motif, the Autumn Winter gave us the Animal Print pattern. Whether it was head-to-toe or a blend of multiple prints, from the red carpet to the runway, there was a roar of all jungle textures. Combining these prints with gold and unusual gemstones, this collection will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

gold jewellery

#8. Fluo Neon Collection

When the LED lights start to inspire, don’t hold back and let the neon do all the talking! Be bold, experimental, loud proud with these bright shades. The perfect fashion antidote for the winter, add a splash of fluorescent and you’re good to go! In combinations of gold and all colours neon enamel work, your jewellery is definitely going to talk the loudest!

Enamel jewellery gold jewellery
Tangy Angie Necklace, So-Lit Earrings & Pink Parade Ring

#9. The Bow Collection

Wrapping it all up with exaggerated bows, this trend has undoubtedly given us new OOTD goals. These attention-grabbing patterns spruce up even the dullest of ensembles and turn it into red carpet material. In a combination of gold and diamond, there are bows to suit your sundresses to your pant-suits.

gold earrings gold necklaces gold bangles
Butterfly Knots Necklace & Danglers, Bow Vow Bangle

2018 went from the subtlest of flowers to Over The Top bows and prints, creating ripples even into the next season’s collection and giving us some serious fashion goals.

While we eagerly look into the next season’s trends, stay tuned to find out what new we have in store for you!


The 2018 Trends And How We Kept Up! #yearend
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The 2018 Trends And How We Kept Up! #yearend
The 2018 Trends And How We Kept Up! #yearend
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