Pick of the Week: 11 Jewellery Pieces for Every Occasion! #styling

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While our closets are full of options, we’re constantly confused about what to wear that’ll be perfect for the occasion. Whether it is a brunch plan with the friends or an interview look, pairing up our clothes perfectly is essential. And we believe that so is the jewellery you pick out!

With numerous options of costume jewellery that we’ve picked up, there is always a doubt about whether it works with the outfit. And although the options are many, there are times, when nothing seems perfect. So why not pair up gold jewellery for those occasions? Or for that matter, any occasion? After all gold is the colour (and bling) to go with!

Now the question arises how to don chunky gold jewellery for everyday use?! And we say that you don’t have to! With various options that are light-weight, fashionable and Made for everyday wear, Melorra is here to save the day! We make sure that your jewellery is as trendy as your closet is and not as expensive as making an investment. Now isn’t That the dream? We, at Melorra, make sure that fashion is not just for your clothes but also for your precious jewellery. With designs inspired by the ramps and runways of the world, we’re making your fine jewellery updated with the trends and easily exchangeable to keep them refreshed!

So for this Pick of the Week, we’re sorting out the gold, diamond, gemstone and enamel jewellery options for the woman who’s multifaceted. When your lifestyle and fashion needs change, why shouldn’t your jewellery? Picking out some occasions and jewellery ideas that’ll be apt for it, here’s what we are suggesting!

#1. The Groovy Folds Gold Danglers for the Work-o-holic in you!

gold earrings gold jewellery

#2. The So-Lit Enamel Ring for the fitness fan – When you wanna be fit but So don’t wanna give up on fashion!

gold jewellery enamel jewellery

#3. The Flaunt the Fringe Gold Studs to nail that interview in that black shift dress.

gold earrings gold jewellery

#4. The Club of Hearts Gold Pendant for the biker chick in you!

gold jewellery

#5. The Vanilla Victories Gold Necklace for doing the disco nights right

gold jewellery

#6. The Lily Trilogy Gold Necklace and Drop Earrings for those impromptu shopping sprees

gold earrings gold jewellery

#7. The La Flor Enamel Bracelet for the wine and dine with the girls.

enamel jewellery gold jewellery

#8. The Tiger Point Gemstone Danglers for the adventurous you!

gold jewellery gemstone jewellery

#9. The Coin Club and Webbed Wonder Gold Bangles for those Me Days with a book!

gold jewellery

#10. The Blue Blush Enamel Pendant – The Perfect pick for your date night

gold jewellery enamel jewellery

#11. The Wild Blue Wonder Gemstone Danglers and Ring for those late brunches and family luncheons

gemstone jewellery gold jewellery

Choose your jewellery that matches with your style that doesn’t hide away! Whether it’s about spending a day in a bookstore or going out clubbing with your friends, do what you love! And that too with precious jewellery made for all your occasion needs.

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Pick of the Week: 11 Jewellery Pieces for Every Occasion! #styling
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Pick of the Week: 11 Jewellery Pieces for Every Occasion! #styling
Pick of the Week: 11 Jewellery Pieces for Every Occasion! #styling
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